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Middle School Students Successful in UIL Academic Competition

April 16, 2019


Students from DSISD's two middle schools, Dripping Springs Middle School and Sycamore Springs Middle School, recently competed alongside students from Eanes ISD (Hill Country MS and West Ridge MS) and Lake Travis ISD (Hudson Bend MS and Lake Travis MS) in the UIL district academic competition. Congratulations to the following students for placing at the event:

Art 3D, 6th Grade
3rd Place - Marley Baker, SSMS, 6th grade
5th Place - Ansley Dennis, SSMS, 6th grade

Art 3D, 8th Grade
6th Place - Clayton Varnell, DSMS, 8th grade

Art Drawing, 6th Grade
6th Place - Crispin Lovelace, SSMS, 6th grade

Art Drawing, 8th Grade
5th Place - Katherine Ferno, DSMS, 8th grade

Art Miscellaneous, 6th Grade
1st Place - Bea Furlow, DSMS, 6th grade
2nd Place - Ethan Martini, SSMS, 6th grade
5th Place - Sophia Patent, SSMS, 6th grade

Art Miscellaneous, 7th Grade
3rd Place - Kirby Brandon, DSMS, 7th grade
5th Place - Karla Lipman, SSMS, 7th grade

Art Miscellaneous, 8th Grade
1st Place - Mykanna Hubbard, SSMS, 8th grade
6th Place - Clayton Varnell, DSMS, 8th grade

Art Painting, 6th Grade
2nd Place - Stanley Vernon, SSMS, 6th grade
3rd Place - Trey Pleasant, DSMS, 6th grade
4th Place - Alyssa Lantz, SSMS, 6th grade
5th Place - Coby Migl, SSMS, 6th grade

Art Painting, 7th Grade
1st Place - Trinity Seggelink, DSMS, 7th grade
2nd Place - Presley Cochran, SSMS, 7th grade
3rd Place - Trinity Seggelink, DSMS, 7th grade

Art Painting, 8th Grade
2nd Place - Katherine Ferno, DSMS, 8th grade
4th Place - Katie Tressler, SSMS, 8th grade

Calculator Applications, 6th Grade
6th Place - Kirby Brandon, DSMS, 6th grade

Calculator Applications, 7th Grade
5th Place - Emmaly Ortega, DSMS, 7th grade

Chess Puzzle, 6th Grade
6th Place (tie) - Michael Gearing, SSMS, 6th grade

Editorial Writing, 7th Grade
5th Place - Miyah McCartney, SSMS, 7th grade

Editorial Writing, 8th Grade
3rd Place - Ginny Falls, SSMS, 8th grade
6th Place - Katy Leuschner, DSMS, 8th grade

Impromptu Speaking, 6th Grade
3rd Place - Jillian Freedman, DSMS, 6th grade
6th Place - Jenna Inscore, DSMS, 6th grade

Impromptu Speaking, 7th Grade
3rd Place - Jasmine Zogaib, SSMS, 7th grade

Impromptu Speaking, 8th Grade
4th Place - Tate Heri, DSMS, 8th grade
5th Place - Rylie Jensen, SSMS, 8th grade

Maps, Graphs, Charts, 6th Grade
2nd Place - Kylie Spence, SSMS, 6th grade
5th Place - Corbin Meyer, SSMS, 6th grade

Modern Oratory, 7th Grade
4th Place - Isabella Villanueva, DSMS, 7th grade

Number Sense, 6th Grade
6th Place - Thomas Rees, SSMS, 6th grade

Oral Reading, 7th Grade
3rd Place - Eben Sebastian, SSMS, 7th grade

Oral Reading, 8th Grade
3rd Place - Kevin Keithly, DSMS, 8th grade
5th Place - Kinsey Silcox, DSMS 8th grade

Ready Writing, 6th Grade
5th Place - Danica Best, SSMS, 6th grade
6th Place - Nivedita Chandrani, SSMS, 6th grade

Ready Writing, 7th Grade
3rd Place - Jillian Muckleroy, DSMS, 7th grade

Science, 6th Grade
4th Place - Eben Sebastian, SSMS, 6th grade

Science, 7th Grade
2nd Place - Brady Garcia, DSMS, 7th grade
3rd Place - John Engel, DSMS, 7th grade

Science, 8th Grade
2nd Place - James Lee, DSMS, 8th grade

Spelling, 8th Grade
5th Place - McKenna Bizjack, DSMS, 8th grade

Social Studies, 6th Grade
1st Place - Keegan Ballard, SSMS, 6th grade

Social Studies, 8th Grade
4th Place - Reagan King, DSMS, 8th grade
5th Place - Kate Tressler, SSMS, 8th grade