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DSISD Students Earn Honors at Hays County Livestock Show

February 6, 2023

More than 20 Dripping Springs ISD students earned honors in various breeds and classes at the 2023 Hays County Livestock Show at Dripping Springs Ranch Park. 

Seven students earned Grand Champion accolades including Lily Aleshire (Horticulture), Colton Bryan (Photography), Kellen Embrey (Arts, Crafts & Clothing), Nathan Powers (Market Steer), Quincy Raines (Breeding Goat), Macie Terrell (Breeding Swine) and Kelsey Tovar (Baked Foods).

A complete list of honorees can be found below. 


Grand Champions

Lily Aleshire (Horticulture)

Colton Bryan (Photography)

Kellen Embrey (Arts, Crafts & Clothing)

Nathan Powers (Market Steer)

Quincy Raines (Breeding Goat)

Macie Terrell (Breeding Swine)

Kelsey Tovar (Baked Foods)


Reserve Grand Champions

Drake Alderson (Market Turkey)

Riley Bassford (Arts, Crafts & Clothing)

Chazin Herzog (Breeding Rabbits)

Truett Herzog (Photography)

Everly Shumway (Market Swine)

Adelyne Weston (Baked Foods)

Clayton Wilks (Arts, Crafts & Clothing)


Reserve Champion

Amanda Alderson (Market Goats)


Group Champion

Remington Nicholes (Home Conveniences) 


Breed Champions

Clayton Doyle (Market Steer)

Emma Henson (Market Swine)

Everly Shumway (Market Swine)

Peter Stanton (Market Lamb)


Reserve Group Champion

Drake Alderson (Trailers)


Reserve Breed Champions

Barrett Collins (Market Lamb)

Laramie Doyle (Market Swine)

Trent Henry (Market Lamb)

Kelsey Tovar (Market Steer)


Reserve Division Champion

Quincy Raines (Market Goats)