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DSISD Middle School Students Named to Region 18 Choir

January 23, 2023

More than 20 Dripping Springs ISD middle school students were selected to the Region 18 Choir after auditioning on Saturday, Jan. 21 at Dailey Middle School in Austin. 

A total of 14 students representing Sycamore Springs Middle School were named to the choir and seven students from Dripping Springs Middle School were selected. Students were named to the Region 18 Choir if they placed among the top 18 or 26 positions in each section. More than 300 students auditioned for the choir.

The Region 18 Choir will hold a concert on Saturday, Feb. 4 in Bastrop. 



Ainsley Ash, 8th Grade, SSMS

Isabella Eleazar, 8th Grade, SSMS

Mia Lee, 8th Grade, DSMS

Natalia Lynch, 7th Grade, DSMS

Keira McAlester, 8th Grade, DSMS

JJ Reneau, 8th Grade, DSMS

Elizabeth Wiatrek, 8th Grade, SSMS


Soprano 1

Alaina Atkins, 8th Grade, SSMS

Taylor Heenan, 8th Grade, SSMS

Maddie Johanningsmeier, 8th Grade, DSMS

Penelope Orsak, 8th Grade, SSMS

Grace Prehar, 8th Grade, SSMS

Vita Tardel, 8th Grade, SSMS

Kyra Tilley, 8th Grade, DSMS


Soprano 2

Anna Ardolino, 7th Grade, SSMS

Livvy Christensen, 8th Grade, SSMS

Morgan Hall, 8th Grade, SSMS

Krysten Torres, 8th Grade, SSMS

Avery Wyatt, 7th Grade, DSMS



Cody Ritchey, 8th Grade, SSMS

Parker Wisham, 8th Grade, SSMS