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DSHS Students Named to Region Choir

October 11, 2022

Dripping Springs High School was well represented at the region choir competition with 21 students earning a place on the Region 18 Choir and advancing to pre-area auditions.

The Region 18 Choir will perform on Saturday, Nov. 5 at the Austin ISD Performing Arts Center. Pre-area auditions will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 15 at Anderson High School in Austin.

To earn a spot in the Region Choir and advance to pre-area auditions, students must place among the top competitors in each voice part.

Soprano 1

Portia Schaeffer-Preston, 1st Chair
Amelie Lawrence, 3rd Chair
Ava Azua, 7th Chair
Camryn Molfino, 13th Chair
Olivia Orsak, 18th Chair

Soprano 2
Anika Chalak, 3rd Chair
Vanessa Owens, 6th Chair
Kirby Brandon, 8th Chair

Alto 1
Sloane Ruley, 5th Chair
Hannah Collins, 7th Chair
Emiliano Arroyo Corona, 15th Chair
Nishka Srivastava, 16th Chair

Alto 2
Michelle Hinojosa, 6th Chair
Kaylee Ritchey, 8th Chair
Kate Nolen, 9th Chair
Megan Aldridge, 12th Chair

Tenor 1
Preston LeBas, 3rd Chair
Colin Tuohy, 4th Chair

Tenor 2
Isaiah Hoffman, 6th Chair

Bass 1
Daniel McIver, 6th Chair

Bass 2
Cooper Lane, 13th Chair