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Three DSISD Students Attend Lone Star Leadership Academy

August 23, 2022

Three students represented Dripping Springs ISD over the summer at the 2022 Lone Star Leadership Academy camp hosted by the non-profit organization Education in Action. Students were nominated by educators to participate based on demonstrated leadership ability, academic success, and involvement in school/community activities.

Dripping Springs High School junior Natalee Scholl and sophomore Ryder Trent were attendees at the Austin/San Antonio camp while Dripping Springs Middle School seventh-grader Jackson Moore attended the Houston/Galveston camp.

During the weeklong, overnight camps, these distinguished students developed leadership skills while learning about the great state of Texas. Participants experienced what they are learning in school through visits to notable and historically significant Texas sites. In addition, professionals at these sites introduced students to a wide variety of unique careers during each camp.

The Lone Star Leadership Academy experience provides a unique opportunity for outstanding students to learn about Texas leaders and what it means to be from the Lone Star State. Participants discuss what they learn, complete problem-solving and decision-making simulations, exercise creativity, and practice presentation skills in Leadership Groups. In addition, participants have fun meeting other outstanding students and making new friends while adding to their resume of academic achievements, developing leadership skills, and bringing home a wealth of information to supplement what they are learning in school.