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Elementary Academic UIL Results

December 6, 2021


The Dripping Springs ISD Elementary Academic UIL Meet was held Saturday, Dec. 4, at Sycamore Springs Middle School. Results can be found below.


Chess Puzzles (2nd Grade)
1st - Ryan Uppal (RSE)
2nd - Graham Blankenship (WSE)
3rd - Ben Austin (CSE)
4th - Ronan Ingles (WSE)
5th - Austin Hardy (CSE)
6th - Liam Ramirez (RSE)


Chess Puzzles (3rd Grade)
1st - Pierce Fowler (RSE)
2nd - Prometheus McMahon (RSE)
3rd - Caden Hines (WSE)
4th - Everett Cambronne (SSE)
5th - Beckham Miller (WSE)
6th - Grace Holmes (SSE)


Chess Puzzles (4th Grade)
T1st - Jack Kemp (RSE)
T1st - Michael Liu (SSE)
3rd - Dakota Kennedy (RSE)
4th - Benjamin Seipp (DSE)
5th - R.J. Khachadourian (RSE)
6th - Bodie Cervenka (CSE)


Chess Puzzles (5th Grade)
1st - Drew Kastner (SSE)
2nd - Kennedy Tart (WSE)
3rd - Samir Ramirez (RSE)
4th - Griffin Kingsbury (DSE)
5th - Trevor Funk (RSE)
6th - Gage Thompson (RSE)


Creative Writing (2nd Grade)
1st - Katelyn Winegardner (RSE)
2nd - Ryan White (SSE)
3rd - Lucy Burgoyne (WSE)
4th - Yasmin Guthrie (CSE)
5th - Ellie Turner (SSE)
6th - Greer Parker (DSE)


Maps, Graphs and Charts (5th Grade)
1st - Chloe Fredrick (DSE)
2nd - Peyton Walker (RSE)
3rd - Liza Engels (RSE)
4th - Charlie Nevin (WSE)
5th - Jack Deringer (RSE)
6th - Jed Noonan (WSE)


Music Memory (2nd Grade)
T1st - Margot Labit (SSE)
T1st - Jayden Noumsi (WSE)
T1st - Graham Poli (DSE)
4th - Elsa Lucas (SSE)  
5th - Olivia Sowada (WSE)
6th - Camille Labit (SSE)


Music Memory (3rd Grade)
1st - Dominic Pizzulo (SSE)
2nd - Parker Payne (RSE)
3rd - Tessa Burk (RSE)
4th - Sophia Ryan (RSE)
5th - Trevor DuBransky (DSE)
6th - Iyla Grace Lambert (WSE)


Music Memory (4th Grade)
1st - Henry Lees (RSE)
2nd - Shelby Stansell (WSE)
3rd - Ensley Johnson (WSE)


Music Memory (5th Grade)
1st - Chamberlain Harris (SSE)
2nd - Joseph Saba (RSE)
3rd - Helena Lauriat (DSE)
4th - Makayla Sedwick (WSE)


Number Sense (4th Grade)
1st - Tyler Bierman (RSE)
2nd - Townes Pharr (SSE)
3rd - Bodhi Supak (DSE)
4th - Witten French (SSE)
5th - Blake Aylstock (CSE)
6th - Myles Austin (DSE)


Number Sense (5th Grade)
1st - Johns Kurian (SSE)
2nd - Quincy Raines (WSE)
3rd - Jordan Anderson (RSE)
4th - Jack Croll (WSE)
5th - Matthew Hall (RSE)
6th - Jameson Adams (WSE)


Number Sense (6th Grade)
1st - Layla Coleman (SSE)
2nd - Holden Wottrich (RSE)
3rd - Adam Kha (RSE)


Oral Reading (4th Grade)
1st - Davis Rockwell (CSE)
2nd - Virginia Gisclair (RSE)
3rd - Lily Steiner (SSE)
4th - Emma Burns (WSE)
5th - Kyle Boggs (DSE)
6th - Ava Shackelford (RSE)


Oral Reading (5th Grade)
1st - Charlotte Balena (RSE)
2nd - Landry Blake (WSE)
3rd - Lauren Nouh (CSE)
4th - Peyton Madeley (WSE)
5th - Avery Randall (WSE)
6th - Audrey McCulloch (SSE)


Ready Writing (3rd Grade)
1st - Charlotte Thompson (RSE)
2nd - Katie Cantrell (SSE)
3rd - Senna Gosselin (DSE)
4th - Ivy Page (RSE)
5th - Zoey Baker (CSE)
6th - Dylan Love (WSE)


Ready Writing (4th Grade)
1st - Kylar Boyd (DSE)
2nd - Avery McGinnis (WSE)
3rd - Ansh Bhargava (RSE)
4th - Samyak Gnawali (RSE)
5th - Dorothy Daniel (DSE)
6th - Amelia Di Iorio (DSE)


Ready Writing (5th Grade)
1st - Johnny Fox (RSE)
2nd - Rowan Page (RSE)
3rd - Morgan Lussier (CSE)
4th - Greta Motal (RSE)
5th - Harper DeLeon (DSE)
6th - Molly Sullivan (DSE)


Spelling (3rd Grade)
1st - Abby Arnold (SSE)
2nd - Addison Lilie (SSE)
3rd - Prentice Harris (SSE)
4th - Ashish Jeejula (DSE)
5th - Allison DeBreaux (WSE)
6th - Lilia Chaarawi (RSE)


Spelling (4th Grade)
1st - Brodie Jones (SSE)
2nd - Emily Helsley (RSE)
3rd - Allison Slattery (DSE)
4th - Mila Kernan (RSE)
5th - Hope Apple (RSE)


Spelling (5th Grade)
1st - Isla Watkinson (WSE)
2nd - Vaibhav Gooty (RSE)
3rd - Bella Lynn Blanchard (SSE)
4th - Darby Engels (RSE)
5th - Liam Tripodi (WSE)


Storytelling (2nd Grade)
1st - Emma O’Keefe (SSE)
2nd - Benjamin Palma (SSE)
3rd - Madison Heerema (CSE)
4th - Veronica Martinez (WSE)
5th - Hannah Sexton (WSE)
6th - Brielle Novickas (SSE)


Storytelling (3rd Grade)
1st - Lynley Duke (SSE)
2nd - Dorian Weippert (SSE)
3rd - Theodore Males (SSE)
4th - Claire Berry (RSE)
5th - Jimmy Nichols (DSE)
6th - Aria Fulce (RSE)