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Board of Trustees Participating in XG Training

September 22, 2021


This fall, the seven members of the Dripping Springs ISD Board of Trustees are immersing themselves in the eXceptional Governance (XG) Board Development program offered by Texas Association of School Boards (TASB). This intensive learning experience, which is based on practical models of board governance, works to strengthen essential perspectives, build governance capacity, and equip school boards to act confidently with a focus on improving student outcomes. 


For the Dripping Springs ISD Board of Trustees, exceptional governance means ensuring every student receives a high-quality education, while preparing the district to meet future challenges. In striving to reach these goals, the board makes use of extensive research and expertise from the TASB so that it can continue to implement best-practice strategies to chart the future for DSISD.


“This XG training will be crucial in helping our board to really understand and embrace our impact on student achievement,” said Dripping Springs ISD Board President Mary Jane Hetrick. “This training will provide us with the tools to find agreement on student learning outcomes, including those not measured on standardized tests, so that we can continue to create educational excellence for all current and future Dripping Springs students.”


The XG Board Development program is a research-based training that supports the school board’s primary responsibility of overseeing the improvement of student learning in the district. XG focuses the board on an overarching question: “How are the students doing in our district?” The program equips trustees to answer this question, to make connections between student learning and district initiatives for improvement, to set goals for improving outcomes for students, and to stay engaged in monitoring progress toward these results. This helps focus the board on student achievement, so that it can be used as an essential lens for any decisions that are subject to board action. 


The program is divided into five sessions based on the following topics:


Session 1: What’s at stake: Setting a vision for opportunity and achievement

Session 2: Essential levers: Key elements of improved learning and teaching

Session 3: Taking stock: Where are we now, and where are we going?

Session 4: Structuring for success: How will we know when we get there?

Session 5: Oversight for excellence: The ongoing role and work of the board


For the DSISD Board of Trustees, partaking in XG Board Development training will help to build a better understanding of district initiatives and how they have evolved during leadership transitions, develop a more effective progress monitoring system, increase capacity to govern as a focused visionary team alongside DSISD Superintendent Dr. Holly Morris-Kuentz and the senior administration, as well as how to better connect and communicate with the community. 


The DSISD Board of Trustees is expected to complete the XG Board Development program in December. Board members are: Dr. Mary Jane Hetrick (president), Joanna Day (vice president), Shannon O'Connor (secretary), Marisa Grijalva, Ron Jones, Dr. Stefani Reinold, and Barbara Stroud.