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District Statement Regarding Town Center Project

March 30, 2021


Dripping Springs ISD is seeking to clarify any misunderstandings in the community as a result of a press release issued by the City of Dripping Springs today.  DSISD has been an active and enthusiastic partner in the exploration of the Town Center project with the City of Dripping Springs, Hays County and the Dripping Springs Community Library since 2017. At last night’s (March 29) Dripping Springs ISD Board of Trustees meeting, the Board took action regarding the Town Center project, which has been planned to be built on district-owned property where the current administration building is located. The Board voted unanimously (6-0) to accept the City and the Library's request to terminate the interlocal agreement regarding the Town Center project and to continue informal discussions with both parties. This item was placed on the DSISD meeting agenda because the City of Dripping Springs and the Library had sent formal requests to the District to terminate the interlocal agreement.


DSISD is continuing discussions with both the City and the Library regarding the sale of district property for the Town Center. A previously planned meeting between DSISD and city representatives is scheduled for Wednesday, March 31, 2021.  Another meeting occurred the morning of Tuesday, March 30, in preparation for the March 31 meeting.


“We have been committed to the Town Center vision for several years and have spent countless hours and resources to make this happen.” said DSISD Board President Barbara Stroud. “Despite everyone’s best effort, we have not reached an agreement regarding the property, but are continuing to work on it. The district desires to sell the land for use for a Town Center, which would include governmental offices, the library and public green space that would serve as a benefit to the entire Dripping Springs community. The district seeks to sell the property with written assurances as to this use. We will continue to act in good faith in order to reach a positive outcome for our community and hope our partners will continue to do so as well.”