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DSISD Students Collect Honors at Texas PTA "Reflections" State Contest

March 28, 2021


Eight Dripping Springs ISD students earned special awards at the Texas PTA “Reflections” State Contest of the 16 students who qualified for that level of competition. The qualifying students earned the right to advance to state competition after receiving an Overall Award of Excellence at the district level.


PTA Rooster Springs Elementary second-grader Amelia Grace Callas earned the highest recognition with the Excellence Award in the Literature category with her piece, “I am Unique Because I Am Me.” Earned Awards of Merit were RSE fourth-grader Darby Engels and Walnut Springs Elementary fifth-grader Karsyn Shook. Receiving Honorable Mention at the state level were Dripping Springs Elementary kindergartner Wyatt Badger, RSE fifth-grader Eleanor Engels, Sycamore Springs Middle School seventh-grader Stephanie Gearing, RSE third-grader Finley McKeag, and SSMS seventh-grader Rivers Reid.


PTA The National PTA Reflections program encourages students of all ages and abilities to explore and be involved in the arts. Through the program, National, Texas PTA and Dripping Springs local PTAs urge students at all grade levels to create and submit original works of art in the medium of their choice, reflecting on a specific theme. This year’s theme was “I Matter Because.” Pieces were selected to represent DSISD from various grade divisions (Primary, Intermediate, Middle, and Senior) and categories (Dance Choreography, Visual Arts, Literature, Music Composition, Photography and Film Production).



Dance Choreography

Honorable Mention:

Middle School - Stephanie Gearing, “All That Matters” (SSMS, 7th grade)

State Participant:

Intermediate - Eyan Sebastian, “I Got A Magical Feeling” (RSES, 3rd grade)


Film Production

Merit Award:

Intermediate - Darby Engels, “The Glass Ceiling Brakes” (RSES, 4th grade)

Honorable Mention:

Primary - Wyatt Badger, “Teammates” (DSES, Kindergarten)

Middle School - Rivers Reid, “I MATTER” (SSMS, 7th grade)



Excellence Award:

Primary - Amelia Grace Callas, “I am Unique because I am me” (RSES, 2nd grade)

State Participant:

Intermediate - Hayden Mayfield, “Edison Brings Light to the World” (RSES, 4th grade)

Middle School - Eben Sebastian, “The World Matters” (SSMS, 8th grade)


Music Composition

Honorable Mention:

Special Artist - Finley McKeag, “I Matter Because” (RSES, 3rd Grade)

State Participant:

Primary - Bryce Magee, "BE IT! I Matter” (RSES, 2nd Grade)

Intermediate - Odin Magee, “Awesome.” (RSES, 4th grade)

Middle School - Juliana Lamb, “Love is Forever” (SSMS, 7th grade)



Honorable Mention:

Intermediate - Eleanor Engels, “Vote For My Future” (RSES, 5th grade)

State Participant:

Middle School - Michael Gearing, “The Rocky Path to a Better Future” (SSMS, 8th grade)


Visual Arts

Merit Award:

Intermediate - Karsyn Shook, “Ser uno Mismo” (WSES, 5th grade)

State Participant:

Primary - Lily McClay, “Taking Care of My Kitties” (RSES, 2nd grade)