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Attendance Zone Update

March 26, 2021

In preparation for the opening of Cypress Springs Elementary, the process to develop new attendance zones has been in progress for several months. This process has featured three public meetings, in addition to collection of community input using Thought Exchange and two Google forms. Community meetings began with an overview of the process and timeline, sharing of board-adopted parameters, demographic information and projected enrollments, and a review of current boundaries. Following an introduction of starter option maps, additional options for future boundaries have been shared and discussed. In addition to the development of elementary attendance zones, middle school attendance zones/feeder patterns are included in this process. The administrative attendance zone committee has been meeting regularly since December to develop options, review community feedback, and consider/discuss potential adjustments to map options.

Currently, there are three pending options for elementary attendance zones (Options C, D, and E) and two for middle school attendance zones/feeder patterns (Option 1 and Option 3), all of which are listed on this webpage.

On March 22, a report on the attendance zone development process was provided to the DSISD Board of Trustees, and trustees asked questions and requested additional information. On March 24 and March 26, the committee met to discuss feedback from the board, review current options, and determine if any alternatives were feasible.

At the March 29 board meeting, PASA (Population and Survey Analysts) will present the updated demographic report. In addition, the current attendance zone options will be reviewed and a committee recommendation will be presented to the board. Originally, the projected date for the board to approve attendance zones was March 29, but following discussion at the March 22 agenda review meeting, it was noted that additional time to consider proposed recommendations would be beneficial for board members. A final attendance zone decision is anticipated at a special board meeting on April 12, 2021.

More information is available on this process at the Attendance Zone Development webpage, including attendance zone options currently under discussion.