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Window Open to Change Learning Formats

November 30, 2020


Dripping Springs ISD students may change their learning format at the end of a grading period for any reason. Parents who would like to request their students move from remote learning to in-person learning or from in-person to remote learning for the third nine-week grading period should log in to their Family Access account and fill out the "Term 3 Learning Options" form between Nov. 30-Dec. 11, 2020, to indicate their desire to change formats. The change will go into effect for the third grading period, which runs from Jan. 5-March 5, 2021.

Parents who plan for their students to continue in their current learning format do not need to take action. If no form is completed by Dec. 11, students will remain in the same format for the third term that they have been using during the second grading period.

Once this window closes on Dec. 11, the next opportunity to shift into a different learning format will be between the third and fourth grading periods. Parents will be notified each quarter when the window opens to request a change.

  • Changes for the Term 3 due by December 11
  • Changes for the Term 4 due by February 26