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Stroud and Jones Re-Elected to DSISD Board of Trustees

November 4, 2020


According to unofficial election results, Barbara Stroud and Ron Jones have been re-elected to three-year terms on the Dripping Springs ISD Board of Trustees.

Vote totals were as follows:

*Barbara Stroud:
    Hays County-6,404 votes (27.12%)
    Travis County-6 votes
    6,410 total votes

*Ron Jones:
    Hays County-6,330 votes (26.81%)
    Travis County-8 votes
    6,338 total votes

Lori Broughton:
    Hays County-6,004 votes (25.43%)
    Travis County-4 votes
    6,008 total votes

Stephanie Holtzendorf:
    Hays County-4,873 votes (20.64%)
    Travis County-5 votes
    4,878 total votes


DSISD trustees do not represent places; the top two vote-getters are elected.

Ms. Stroud has served on the DSISD Board of Trustees since 2008; Mr. Jones originally was elected in 2014.

This election originally was scheduled for May 2, 2020, but moved to Nov. 3, 2020, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. This board-approved action was taken on March 23 in accordance with Governor Abbott’s proclamation suspending certain provisions of the Texas Election Code to allow all local political subdivisions using a May 2, 2020 uniform election date to postpone their election to a Nov. 3, 2020, uniform election date.