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Getting to Know Interim Superintendent Springston: Q & A

October 30, 2020

Brett SPringston What interested you about coming to Dripping Springs ISD in this role?
Two main factors led to me pursuing this opportunity. I hadn’t worked in a school district for several months and felt that the element of working with people was missing. Also, there’s something about being an educator and working with the dedicated teachers and staff that brings great personal satisfaction. After I thought about it, I decided I could make a positive contribution to DSISD so I threw my hat in the interview process. I am happy to be here and have already been impressed by the people I have met.

What do you consider some major accomplishments you have made as a leader in education?
I don’t consider any accomplishment to be “my” accomplishment, but rather “our” accomplishment as it takes a team to make things happen. I can lead a group of people, but we all need to be moving in one direction to be successful.

A few memories stand out.  When I was the principal at Spring Woods High School, our school was recognized as the number-one high school in the nation for staff development, which positively impacted the academic progress of many low-income students. When I was superintendent at Bartlet ISD, I agreed to coach our girls’ basketball team that hadn’t won a tournament game in a long time. When we won some tournament games, it sparked smiles on those girls and they started believing in themselves.

Lastly, in my time at Brownsville ISD, it was rewarding to see our principals and teachers lead us to having all 63 schools either Exemplary of Recognized by the state. Our staff did an amazing job.

What do you see as the most important priorities in public education during the pandemic?
Safety and security of staff and of students. I list staff first because we need to take care of our employees, or there won’t be anyone in place to teach kids. The general well-being of the community as a whole is also a priority.

What would you like the DS community to know about you?
I want to get out and about, and meet as many people as possible. I love to talk, but I am an even better listener. I like to make decisions and I have a record of making good ones. I have been in this type of role long enough to understand that it’s not always possible to make everyone happy, but I think decisions can be made while maintaining a great amount of respect for each other. I have an open door policy. If you want to talk to me, call me. I am here to listen.

What are your hobbies/interests?
I like to swim and surf. I also like to read.

What are the last three books you’ve read?
“Green Lights” by Matthew McConaughey, “The Coffee Bean” by Damon West, and “The Strong Land” by Louis L’Amour. I like variety!

How did you decide on a career in education?
I was a student basketball coach at Kilgore Junior College. When I was a sophomore, we were playing Tyler Junior College and I stood up from the bench to talk to a player and accidentally knocked down a player from the other team. I helped him up, asked him if he was all right, and apologized. The athletic director from Tyler, Floyd Wagstaff, was in the bleachers and watched the incident and my response. A month later he called and invited me to come to Tyler as an assistant coach because he appreciated how I treated others. I enrolled at the University of Texas at Tyler and majored in education.