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New System to Enhance Security and Increase Efficiency for Bus Riders

October 27, 2020

Dripping Springs ISD is excited to introduce the SMART tag system for bus riders. SMART tags will help increase safety and security for students by leveraging technology to improve student management and communications on school buses.

Benefits include:
• Increasing driver, school, and parent awareness
• Ensuring riders load and unload the right bus at the right stop
• Automating reporting functions

What are SMART tags? SMART tag technology will be combined with student ID cards that now will act as their way to check in on buses.

The new system will be rolled out in phases beginning with driver and transportation staff training. The next phase starting Oct. 26 will include training of campus staff and distribution of new ID cards to students. Non-bus riders also will receive new cards. In phase three, we will provide training for students. The final stage will include training for parents to register to use the parent portal, which will give access for parents to see times that their child has boarded a bus or been dropped off. We will make sure that each phase is operating as expected prior to moving to the next phase.

Parent communication will be sent prior to distributing the SMART tags to students and prior the opening of the parent portal. Please visit this link for an overview of the system and FAQs.