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Parent Update

Sept. 4, 2020

As we are a little more than a week away from some of our students returning to campuses for in-person learning, here are a few updates.

Our “Return to School” webpage has been updated this week with:
•    Face mask protocols and the exemption request process  
•    Several new FAQs (in multiple sections; they are marked as “New”)
•    Infographic with a quick reminders for students returning in-person

Instructional Update:
DSISD will be transitioning to our next phase of instruction with the addition of on-campus learning for some students Sept. 14. We will continue to follow the synchronous schedule implemented during the first four weeks of the school year. Our remote learners will have the choice to access the curriculum in two ways. The first way remote students can access the curriculum is synchronously or in real-time by Zooming into direct instruction based on predetermined times specified by campus, grade level, and content schedules. The second way students can access the curriculum is asynchronously, which provides students and families flexibility, allowing the parent and or student to access the curriculum on their own time. Remote learners will continue to engage in small group instruction and receive special services synchronously at prescribed times.

On-campus students and synchronous remote students will be provided live direct instruction and will continue to follow the campus established schedules. Students in both learning formats will utilize technology to access additional curriculum resources and submit work.

Campuses will be providing additional information about on-campus logistics.

Bus Routes:
Bus routes with stops and pick-up/drop-off times will be posted on Tuesday, Sept. 8. To find morning and afternoon routes, select "Bus Routes" on the DSISD homepage, and enter the student's grade and address information. The system should provide the bus number, stop times and stop location. In addition, the DSISD app can be used to obtain that information as well (which can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play). Parents will be notified of any route modifications throughout the school year.

Students should be at bus stops 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up as times can fluctuate due to traffic and other events. This year, all students boarding buses will be required to be wearing face masks and will be assigned seats. Parents should be aware that social distancing cannot be maintained on buses.

Those having difficulty locating routes or who have questions should contact the Transportation Office at  or 512.858.3004 or 512.858.3008.