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Updated Resources on Return to School

July 30, 2020

The R3 – “Return, Reimagine, Reconnect” – webpage includes many resources that are being updated, revised, and expanded as conditions change, and as we receive new information from the state. Recently added is a narrated slide show highlighting information that was shared during the July 27 Board of Trustees meeting. This presentation gives a more detailed explanation of remote learning schedules, synchronous and asynchronous learning, and the flexibility that will be available.

As a reminder, the first four weeks of school will be conducted through a remote learning platform for all students. In the enrollment verification process, parents are being asked to state whether their child(ren) will switch to on-campus learning or remain in a virtual format moving forward. This decision will remain in effect until a parent notifies their campus to request a change; changes from remote learning to on-campus learning will only take place at the end of a grading period (October 9, December 18, March 5).

The R3 webpage also includes Frequently Asked Questions divided into six sections:

As a reminder, parents are asked to complete the enrollment verification process as soon as possible. Completing Section 1 before August 3 will assist with classroom assignments and staffing decisions. Go to the Family Access login page to start.