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Enrollment Verification Process

July 29, 2020

Dripping Springs ISD’s annual enrollment verification process for all students has opened. This year, the first step in the process will be a declaration of intent regarding preference for student learning in a remote format or in-person format, following the four-week remote start to the school year. Parents are asked to confirm their preference by August 3, 2020, so that the district can plan appropriately for staffing and classroom assignments.

According to state law, this process must be completed each year for all students – those who have been enrolled in DSISD previously and those who are new to our district and previously completed registration.

Family Access is used for this process; those who don’t have a login or cannot remember their password should follow directions in the reminder e-mail. Family information will carry over between siblings, but some acknowledgements must be made separately for each child.

Please complete this verification for each child in your family as soon as possible, including the preference for remote instruction or in-person instruction to start following the initial four-week remote period. Enrollment verification must be completed before the first day of school (August 18) to allow the campus to confirm classroom assignments in a timely manner.

Parents who have problems with the on-line process should contact their child’s campus and ask for the Family Access contact/Student Records Specialist. Computers are available at campuses for those who do not have one available at home.

Enrollment verification forms include: confirmation of student data and contact information, declaration of intent for remote or in-person learning, parental consent form, health record information, acknowledgement of Student Code of Conduct/Student Handbook, student transportation information, and more. Some campuses require additional forms, such as the parking permit request at the high school.

One step in the process allows parents the opportunity to customize how they will receive notifications from the district (Step 3). This step will include a link directing parents to the Blackboard website, where they may indicate how they would like to receive district time-sensitive notifications; as a default, messages are sent using all available methods. Blackboard uses the same login as Family Access. Schools and the district office typically email routine messages and news.