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DSEF Awards Student Leadership Grants

June 8, 2020

Dripping Springs Education Foundation recently awarded three Student Leadership Grants to outstanding projects that are designed to foster the development of students' leadership skills through their efforts to serve their school, community, or others in the world around them.  These students, together with their faculty sponsors, applied for the grants during the spring semester. Student Leadership Grant award recipients for Spring 2020 were:

Karsten Bobb, Dripping Springs High School, Relaxation Room
Karsten was awarded $2,030 to create a "relaxation room" at the high school where students can visit in times of stress and anxiety to pause their day and regroup. "Once this room is completed, students will have a safe space to release their stress, develop strategies to manage their anxiety in the future, and identify solutions to the problems that are causing them to feel overwhelmed," Karsten stated in her application. This grant was sponsored by Texas Regional Bank. Faculty Sponsor: Vicky Metzger.

Kaylin Whitaker, Dripping Springs High School, Therapy Dogs During Final Exam Week
Kaylin was awarded $667 to bring therapy dogs to Dripping Springs High School in the mornings before school during finals week to help relieve student stress. Students will be able to visit with and pet the dogs on their way into school, and there also will be a few relaxing activities available. "This allows for students to have the opportunity to take a deep breath and calm themselves before their tests," Kaylin said in her application. "Teenagers have many stress factors in their lives and it would positively impact our school community to address those associated with test-taking in a small way." Faculty Sponsor: Stephanie Opiela.

Sycamore Springs Middle School PALS, PALS 2.0
Sycamore Springs Middle School PALS and faculty sponsor Kira Dyer were awarded $1,667 to expand the current PALS (Peer Assistance Leadership and Service) program with training, supplies, and increased mentorship at Rooster Springs Elementary and Sycamore Springs Elementary. The application stated: "This project helps benefit our campus because not only does it allow our students to help build their self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness at the middle school level, it also helps build these skills in elementary-aged students at SSE and RSE. After one year, this program has already reached and built one-to-one relationships with about 75 elementary-aged students."

Student Leadership Grants are one of the Dripping Springs Education Foundation's programs that support the district, its students, and its staff. DSEF also sponsors the DSISD Mental Health Initiative, Innovative Teaching Grants, and the Nick LaFevre Community Youth Fund.