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Facility Construction Update

May 21, 2020

Progress continues on projects associated with the 2018 bond program.

Dripping Springs High School:

new DSHS wing The Dripping Springs High School expansion and renovation is on schedule and on budget. Recent/current work on the new wing that closes in the courtyard from the fine arts area to the auto tech wing includes stonework, glasswork, and framing. The new wing will include many CTE programs and other programs that require non-traditional classrooms with lab space, etc. For example, new learning spaces will be used for robotics/engineering, video production, aquatic science, floral design, journalism, and more. In addition, a second entry will be available with a check-in area.

In addition, an ag barn expansion and a flex gym space (to be used primarily by wrestling and cheer) are nearing completion. Currently water and electricity are being installed at the ag barn and interior work is being done in the flex space. In addition, interior renovation work in the existing school was able to start sooner than scheduled without students in the building. All projects at DSHS are expected to be done in August.

Transportation Center:

The Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) approved by the board, work will be starting in late May/early June on this project, before moving on to renovations in the existing building including the addition of a mechanic bay. This project will have logistical challenges related to placement of buses and continuation of services during the renovation. It is expected to be completed sometime in November.

Elementary #5:

Following completion of traffic studies, the district has been working closely with Hays County on plans for roadways and intersections. The county has indicated plans to establish a roundabout at the Darden Hill/Sawyer Ranch intersection, and based on recommendations from the district’s and county’s project engineers, the entrance to Elementary #5 will align with the circle.

DSISD plans to open the school for the 2021-22 school year. For more information on Elementary #5, see this webpage.

New Walnut Springs Elementary/Dripping Springs Middle School Renovations:

The other elementary school project is construction of a new Walnut Springs Elementary at the Dripping Springs Middle School site. For the past few months, the district has been working on the wastewater portion of this project, decommissioning the treatment plant that is located on school property, and constructing a wastewater line to tie into the system serving Arrowhead Ranch.

On May 18 the Board of Trustees approved a GMP for sitework, as well as removal of some smaller buildings (such as trade shop buildings, the pole barn, and the “Peabody House” that is used for the 18+ program) near the south side of district property.

The district also has conducted a traffic study and is finalizing plans for traffic patterns entering and exiting the campus. DSISD also is working with TxDOT regarding a future traffic signal. 

Technology Updates:

Some technology updates have been completed such as a phone system refresh, intercom refresh at RSE, and an AV refresh at some campuses. Projects that are expected to begin this summer include a firewall refresh, network/wireless refresh and AV upgrades at some campuses.