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Facility Construction Update: January 2020

January 13, 2020

Progress continues on projects associated with the most recent bond program, in both the construction and planning/design phases. The bond package included: expansion of Dripping Springs HS, construction of a new elementary school, construction of a new Walnut Springs Elementary at the site of Dripping Springs MS, conversion of the current WSE campus into space for the district administration and daycare facility, renovations at Dripping Springs MS, Dripping Springs Elementary and Rooster Springs Elementary, turf and track improvements at Dripping Springs HS and Dripping Springs MS, improvements and expansion of the District Transportation facility, district-wide technology infrastructure improvements and maintenance upgrades, and land acquisition.

Several projects were largely completed prior to the start of the school year: renovations at Rooster Springs Elementary and Dripping Springs Elementary, and turf/track replacement at Dripping Springs High School and Dripping Springs Middle School. Also, the classroom addition at the DSHS ag barn has been completed and is now in use; additional barn space is being constructed as well.

Over the 2019-20 holiday break, other portions of the high school project moved forward too. The new flex/gym space near the front of the high school is shaping up as the tilt walls and concrete panels were recently put in place. In January more progress is expected in terms of roofing, and mechanical/electrical/plumbing work. The expansion wing connecting the fine arts wing to the auto tech area is moving along as well. This 60,000-square foot addition now has structural steel in place, and next steps include framing, and mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems.

The Transportation Center project, which includes adding a mechanical bay and repurposing an existing metal structure for other use, is in the bidding process now and will go to the Board for approval in the next few months. It is expected to take approximately six months to complete.

Schematic designs have been presented to the Board for both the Walnut Springs Elementary relocation project (next to DSMS) and the district’s fifth elementary school (Darden Hill Rd./Sawyer Ranch Rd.). The designs were developed using input from multiple stakeholder groups. Construction documents are being prepared for the WSE project; that step will begin for Elementary #5 later in January/early February. After bids are received, a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) will be set after considering various cost options, which will be taken to the Board of Trustees for approval. The district is working with a traffic consultant to develop a traffic impact analysis for each project; DSISD also is working closely with officials from the city, county, TxDOT and neighbors in those areas.

Designs also have been developed for renovations to Dripping Springs Middle School, incorporating input from teachers and staff. In a related project, DSISD is making progress towards the decommissioning of the wastewater facility located behind DSMS and moving forward on plans to connect to the wastewater system in the nearby Arrowhead Ranch subdivision.

Technology upgrades are ongoing based on an existing replacement schedule.

The district also continues to move towards closing on a purchase of land in the Headwaters neighborhood.

For more detailed updates, see the 2018 Bond Updates webpage.