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Elementary Academic UIL Results

December 16, 2019

The Dripping Springs ISD Academic UIL Meet was held Saturday, Dec. 14, 2020, at Sycamore Springs Elementary. Results are as follows.

Ready Writing – Third Grade
1st - Johnny Fox (RSE)
2nd - Tivi Collodora (SSE)
3rd - Ella Makar (DSE)
4th - Victoria Thibodeaux (SSE)
5th - Brielle Ficzeri (DSE)
6th - Kinley Chambers (RSE)

Ready Writing – Fourth Grade
1st - Victoria Hee (DSE)
2nd - Tino Cruz (RSE)
3rd - Rylan Rockwell (RSE)
4th - Stella Kalina (SSE)
5th - Bailey Brandenberger (WSE)
6th - Jessica Liu (DSE)

Ready Writing – Fifth Grade
1st - Colton Inglish (DSE)
2nd - Emily Diaz (WSE)
3rd - Taylor Temple (RSE)
4th - Isla Conreaux (RSE)
5th - Ireland Dowling (RSE)
6th - Margaux Smith (WSE)

Number Sense – Fourth Grade
1st - Oliver Willis (SSE)
2nd - Ryan Galos (SSE)
3rd - Logan Starnes (SSE)
4th - Jillian Jones (WSE)
5th - Hendrix Story (WSE)
6th - Rylan Dennison (DSE)

Number Sense – Fifth Grade
1st - Chase Pesek (RSE)
2nd - William Russell (RSE)
3rd - Colton Mistretta (RSE)
4th - Brayden Barnes (SSE)

Art Smart – Fourth Grade
1st - Zora Dziak (DSE)
2nd - Samantha Flores (DSE)
3rd - Piper Williams (DSE)
4th - Eleanor Engels (RSE)

Art Smart – Fifth Grade
1st - Isabella Diehl (RSE)
2nd - Audrey Funk (RSE)
3rd - Ella Castillo (DSE)
4th - Leia Grenat (RSE)

Chess Puzzles – Second Grade
1st - Eyan Sebastian (RSE)
2nd - Alex Heltzel (RSE)
3rd - Michael Liu (DSE)
4th - George Monson (SSE)
5th - Ethan Rodriguez (RSE)
6th - Bodhi Supak (DSE)

Chess Puzzles – Third Grade
1st - Ryder Smith (SSE)
2nd - Tyler Krajecki (SSE)
3rd - William Patterson (DSE)
4th (tie) - Jonah Azua (RSE)
4th (tie) - Alex Nestlerode (RSE)
6th - Andrew Kastner (SSE)

Chess Puzzles – Fourth Grade
1st - Henry Avery (RSE)
2nd - Ryker Beck (SSE)
3rd - EJ Noonan (DSE)
4th - Iggy Anderson (WSE)
5th - Jesse Milner (RSE)
6th - Jessica Liu (DSE)

Chess Puzzles – Fifth Grade
1st - Jonah Rees (SSE)
2nd - Tommy Krajecki (SSE)
3rd - Logan Dwyer (RSE)
4th - Connor Phillips (SSE)
5th - Scott Williamson (WSE)
6th - Jack Todd (RSE)

Creative Writing
1st - Davis Rockwell (SSE)
2nd - Ansh Bhargava (RSE)
3rd - Townes Williams (DSE)
4th - Quincey Raines (WSE)
5th - Avery McGinnis (WSE)
6th - Lily Steiner (SSE)

Maps, Graphs, & Charts
1st - Evan Bergeron (DSE)
2nd - Benjamin Seshan (RSE)
3rd - Colton Inglish (DSE)
4th - Joseph Austin (SSE)
5th - William Tait (DSE)
6th - Taylor Temple (RSE)

Music Memory – Second Grade
1st - Ellie Verhulst (SSE)
2nd - Nora Gillum (WSE)
3rd - Elissa DeGroot (DSE)

Music Memory – Third Grade
1st (tie) - Chamberlain Harris (SSE)
1st (tie) - Izzy Mattis (RSE)
3rd - Trevor Funk (RSE)
4th - Vivian Gomez (RSE)

Music Memory – Fourth Grade
1st - Daniel Vise (SSE)
2nd - Henry Monson (SSE)
3rd - James Patrick (SSE)

Music Memory – Fifth Grade
1st - Kira Davis (SSE)
2nd - Koen Beard (DSE)
3rd - John Stiernberg (SSE)

Oral Reading – Fourth Grade
1st - Zoe Gmur (WSE)
2nd - Sofia Villarreal (RSE)
3rd - Anna Ardolino (SSE)
4th - Bronwyn Stalvey (WSE)
5th - Levi Ritter (DSE)
6th - Evie Cardinal (DSE)

Oral Reading – Fifth Grade
1st - Kyra Tilley (DSE)
2nd - Viola Gosselin (DSE)
3rd - Wylder Supak (DSE)
4th - Lacey Jinks (SSE)
5th - Jaylyn Stiles (RSE)
6th - Lydia Tracy (SSE)

Social Studies
1st - Tyler Organ (WSE)
2nd - Austin Layne (RSE)
3rd - Rory Grenat (RSE)
4th - Christian Patterson (SSE)
5th - Christy Friedland (DSE)
6th - Elizabeth Vest (SSE)

Spelling – Third Grade
1st - Chloe Fredrick (DSE)
2nd - Ryleigh Ramirez (SSE)
3rd - Jack Bai (SSE)
4th - Holden Wottrich (RSE)
5th - Darby Engels (RSE)
6th - Charlie Nevin (WSE)

Spelling – Fourth Grade
1st - Eleanor Purdy (SSE)
2nd - Roman Salvatore (RSE)
3rd - Rylan Rockwell (RSE)
4th - Amelia Cervantes (DSE)
5th - James Martinez (WSE)
6th - Jacob Almeida (RSE)

Spelling – Fifth Grade
1st - Allen Kundukulangara (DSE)
2nd - Sufiya Rahman (RSE)
3rd - Rose McKenna (SSE)
4th - Trip Alison (RSE)
5th - Morgan Hall (RSE)

Storytelling – Second Grade
1st - Cade Findeisen (SSE)
2nd - Bright Bruggman (WSE)
3rd - Mary Patrick (SSE)
4th - Tessie Martinez (WSE)
5th - Olivia Lanier (WSE)
6th - Townes Pharr (SSE)

Storytelling – Third Grade
1st - Greta Motal (RSE)
2nd - Charlotte Balena (RSE)
3rd - Vaibhav Gooty (RSE)
4th - William Austin (WSE)
5th - Isabella Sansalone (DSE)
6th - Kate Rapp (DSE)