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Long-Range Planning Committee Continues Work

December 13, 2019

The 2019-20 Long-Range Facility Planning Committee (LRFPC) held its second meeting on Dec. 12. The agenda with links to various parts of the presentation and video of the meeting are available at: The committee will consider important decisions to ensure that Dripping Springs ISD continues to serve all students with a personal and exceptional education over the next 5-10 years. 


Superintendent Todd Washburn welcomed committee members and shared the meeting agenda. He then introduced himself and shared his background and educational beliefs. Mr. Washburn reviewed what was accomplished at the Nov. 7 LRFPC meeting, as well as a brief review of the meetings held in 2018-19.


The table groups then worked on two exercises. They collaborated to address questions regarding 1) Why they chose to live in Dripping Springs and 2) What factors should be considered during the long-range facility planning process. All tables shared their responses and common responses were recorded. The second exercise focused on defining what a great high school experience looks like (both characteristics of an outstanding experience and programs/opportunities). LRFPC members wrote down their own thoughts then combined those with their fellow group members’ ideas.


During the final part of the meeting. Mr. Washburn shared general plans for the Jan. 16 meeting.