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Student Bowlers Compete at Special Olympics Event

November 4, 2019


DSISD student bowlers competed at the Texas Special Olympics Area 13 Bowling Event on Nov. 1-3.


On Friday, Nov. 1, the youngest bowlers competed. Students bowling for DSISD were: 

Aly Howes-1st place

Kylie Euston-2nd place

Drake Lehman-2nd place

Ben Cantu-5th place

Brenden Willis-6th place

Kenzie Barrow-7th place



On Saturday, Nov. 2, four athletes participated:

David Pringle-2nd place

Alex Hier-3rd place

Reid Shields-3rd

Anthony Suehs-Participation



On Sunday, Nov. 3, the older bowlers competed, in addition to the unified teams:

Tony Touve- 2nd place

Brant Higgerson-3rd place

Miguel Standridge-4th place


Trinity Turner and Bella Froidcoeur- 2nd Place

Chase Steiner and Zach Steiner- 3rd Place

Myriel Torres and Susan Zepada- 3rd Place

Hunter Lawrence/Ethan Martini- participation


The Special Olympics bowlers are coached by Kellie Martini and Lacey Palla.