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  1. My child doesn’t understand the homework.
    1. Have your child attend tutorials with the teacher. It is from 8:30-8:55 a.m. every morning. 
    2. If your child’s teacher is on duty, he/she may go to another teacher that teaches that subject.
  2. How do I get a tutor for my child?
    1. Contact your child’s counselor. The counselor can provide you with a list of tutors.
  3. My child was absent and has make-up work.
    1. For every excused absence, your child has 1 school day to make up the work. It is imperative that your child communicate with each teacher to create a schedule to get caught up.
  4. It appears that my child’s illness is going to keep him/her out of school for awhile.
    1. Communicate with your child’s counselor. The counselor will be able to help coordinate make up work and organize homebound services if needed.
  5. There is an issue in the class.
    1. Communicate with that teacher. Emailing the teacher is often the easiest form of communication and often the quickest.  You can find staff email addresses on the middle school website.
    2. Problems with the teacher. Listen to your child’s complaint. Before you communicate your thoughts with the child, contact the teacher. Hear the teacher’s side.
    3. Advocate for your child. But realize that children need to be in a successful mindset to succeed with that teacher. That mindset is compromised when you criticize the teacher in front of the child.
    4. Please realize this:
      1. There are many other children in the classroom.
      2. The teacher may not be aware the issue.
  • Most of the time, there are two sides of the story. The story you may be hearing is one perspective.
  • If your child has a conflict with a student during class, your child should speak with the teacher immediately.
  1. I would like to schedule a meeting with my child’s teachers.
    1. Contact your child’s teachers or counselor.
    2. If you need to meet with one teacher, contact that teacher to schedule a meeting.
  2. There are personal issues happening at home that is/may affect my child at school.
    1. The counselor will be able to assist you. The counseling office also has a list of private resources that may be helpful.
  3. I need to change/add contact information to skyward.
    1. Contact the registrar, or make changes through your Skyward account.

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