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DSHS Schedule Week of December 14th-18th

November 8, 2020


DSHS will not be having traditional exams this semester, so there will not be a grade recorded in the Semester 1. Rather, the last two weeks will be dedicated to continuing instruction. Testing and projects may still continue through the last week before the break depending on the class/teacher. Your teachers will be communicating out what these last two weeks will look like by class (this will be different for UT On-Ramps and ACC courses where final exams are a required part of the course). Lastly, we will be keeping the 3 half days, this is the schedule for the last week before break. Below are the reasons that we came to this decision:


- Due to the nature of this semester, we felt strongly that catching up on the curriculum and filling gaps during this time was important.

- We want an equitable experience between in-person and remote students

- This allows time for remediation and intervention with this semester's content

- The 3 half days allows teachers to focus on planning for next semester and working with students before we leave for break