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Bus Transportation Information - Contact Information/Parameters of Service

Transportation Contact:
The parent needs to email (no calls please).
This includes the changing of an address, new ridership, etc.

Parameters of Service


Transportation is provided for students to and from the bus stop designated to service the student's residence of record.  Students are expected to ride their assigned bus and load/unload only at their assigned stop.

The District does not provide transportation services to alternate locations including:

  • other residences such as a friend's house, babysitter or relative
  • businesses including parent's business or place of employment
  • after school activities

Parents should make alternate arrangements for students traveling to or from alternate locations.

Transfer students are NOT eligible for transportation route services.

Some students who attend more than one school to participate in classes not offered at their school are transported between schools during school hours.

Special education students are eligible for transportation if need is established through the Admission, Review and Dismissal process.