Portrait of a Graduate

  • Dripping Springs ISD is committed to providing an environment that encourages our students to approach each day with eager anticipation of the learning opportunities to be experienced. These opportunities will provide them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to build and maintain relationships, to be contributing members of society, and to accomplish their visions and aspirations.

    A Dripping Springs graduate is:

    • A lifelong learner who continuously seeks knowledge and information to use for setting and attaining lofty goals, who constantly evaluates and monitors, who is open to alternatives for investigation, and who remains flexible and adaptive to change.
    • An accomplished communicator who possesses and effectively uses the levels of communication skills prescribed by today’s multi-faceted and rapidly changing world…skills in listening, speaking, writing, reading, mathematics, and technology presentations.
    • A skillful problem solver who can identify a problem using available data to organize, analyze, interpret, and predict consequences, so that problems inherent in a rapidly changing society can be solved effectively.
    • A conscientious citizen, who is honest and steadfast in beliefs about our nation and its tenets of diversity, understands how our government functions, willingly contributes to the many aspects of community, and responsibly manages time and other resources.
    • A contributing member of society, who possesses high standards for self whether leading or contributing to the successful attainment of team goals, takes pride in his own work, and is dependable and creative.