Salary and Benefits Information

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    Benefits Enrollment

    Enrolling and Making Plan Changes
    • The benefits plan year runs from September 1 through August 31 each year.
    • Open enrollment is held annually before the start of the plan year. 

    New Employees: For initial enrollment in employee benefit plans, new employees will meet with a representative from FBS, the district's third party administrator, to ask questions and get set up in the enrollment system.  New employees have 30 days from their date of employment to enroll and make any changes.

    Existing Employees: Existing employees may make changes to most benefits only during open enrollment or within 30 days after a qualifying change in family status.

    For the medical, dental, vision, accident, cancer, and hospital indemnity plans, as well as the Flexible Spending Account and Dependent Care Account, choices are made for a one-year period, and can only be changed during open enrollment or within 30 days after a qualifying change in family status, as defined by the IRS. (These plans are also called Cafeteria or Section 125 plans. Premiums for these plans are taken out of paychecks before taxes are figured, so IRS rules govern when changes can be made.)
    • Employees may call or e-mail HR with questions about whether a change can be made.
    To make a permitted change:
    • send an e-mail or bring a hand-written note to HR stating specifically what changes are desired; and
    • attach any required documentation of the qualifying change in status.
    Employees can drop life insurance, disability coverage, and identity theft coverage at any time, and changes can be made to HSA contributions at any time.

    Health and Supplemental Insurance

    FBS Benefits Portal

    Scott & White HMO Website

    Dripping Springs ISD offers health insurance through TRS ActiveCare, offered by the Teachers Retirement System of Texas to school districts statewide.  Plans offered include two PPO options, an EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization), and an HMO.  The district contributes $300 per month towards the cost of any of these plans for employees regularly scheduled to work 20 or more hours per week.

    In addition, the district offers a variety of supplemental insurance plans to employees through a third party administrator, Financial Benefit Services (FBS). Go to the FBS Benefits Portal to find information about the following plans:

    Vision (Superior Vision) Dependent Care  Reimbursement FSA
    Dental (Cigna) Medical Reimbursement FSA
    Telehealth (MDLive) Accident Coverage (APL)
    Group Life (OneAmerica) Cancer Coverage (APL)
    Accidental Death & Dismemberment (OneAmerica) Critical Illness Coverage (AFLAC)
    Individual Life (5Star Life w/ available Accelerated Care rider) Emergency Transportation Coverage (MASA)
    Individual Life (Texas Life - Existing Participants Only) Hospital Indemnity Plan (AFLAC)
    Disability Coverage (UNUM)  Identity Theft (ID Watchdog)
    Health Savings Account and Health Reimbursement Account
    Enrollment in a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) through DSISD is tied to participation in one of the medical plans offered through the district. The medical plan you choose determines which kind of account you will have. HSAs and HRAs are administered by National Benefit Services (NBS).

    Health Savings Account: Employees who enroll in TRS ActiveCare 1-HD are automatically enrolled in an HSA. The district contributes $75 per month ($900 annually) to each enrolled employee's account. Employees can also make contributions to their HSA, and contribution amounts can be changed or discontinued at any time by notifying HR in writing. HSA funds accumulate year-to year and are yours to keep if you leave the district.

    Health Reimbursement Account: Employees who enroll in TRS ActiveCare 2, TRS ActiveCare Select, or Scott & White HMO are automatically enrolled in an HRA. The district makes a one-time, upfront $900 contribution to each enrolled employee's account. HRA funds are "use-it-or-lose-it" on a plan year basis.

    Financial Planning

    403(b) Retirement Plan Information
    District employees can choose to enroll in a 403(b) retirement plan, also known as a Tax-Sheltered Annuity. For more information about 403(b) retirement plans, visit the Financial Planning tab on the FBS Employee Benefits Portal and read the Plan Information and FAQ sections.

    Steps for Enrolling in the 403(b) Plan:
    • Step 1
      Visit the NBS 403(b) Forms page. Under Select a State, choose Texas; under Select an Employer, choose Dripping Springs Independent School District; under Select a Plan, choose Dripping Springs Independent School District 403(b). The page that opens has links to: Authorization Forms, Salary Reduction Agreement, Approved Vendor List, Maximum Allowable Contributions, and a Plan Summary.
    • Step 2
      From the Approved Vendor List link, select a provider, and contact the provider directly to establish an account (a financial advisor may assist you with this process).
    • Step 3
      After your account has been established, complete and submit a Salary Reduction Agreement to Payroll to initiate salary reductions.