New Student Enrollment

  • Dripping Springs ISD uses an on online system to enroll/register new students. 

    School attendance zones are determined by the student's street address. Please see our Interactive Map/Address Lookup tool for attendance zone information.

    Student registration consists of three steps:

    1. Enroll online – Parents/guardians should use the online system to fill out registration information for any student who is new to the district.
    2. Required document submission and registration completion – After the online process is complete, parents/guardians will need to visit the student's new campus on a specified registration date to submit required documents. Once the campus has received the necessary documents, the enrollment process is complete.  
    3. Annual enrollment verification – Student information verification is an annual process that allows parents/guardians to check and update contact, emergency, and health information and to complete required yearly forms online. Parents also must acknowledge receipt of some information on an annual basis.

    Step 1: Enroll Online

    Specific steps for registration vary depending on a family's situation. Please follow the appropriate instructions below:

    • New Family: Families that have never had any students enrolled at DSISD should follow the instructions for New Families.
    • Current Family: Families that currently have a student or students enrolled at DSISD and are enrolling a new student should follow the instructions for Current Families.
    • Returning Family: Families that previously had a student or students enrolled at DSISD (but currently do not) and are enrolling a new student should follow the instructions for Returning Families.

    Please contact for questions related to online enrollment.

    Step 2: Required Document Submission and Registration Completion

    After completing Step 1, parents/guardians must email their Proof of Residency to the student's new campus to submit required documents on a specified registration date or by appointment as follows: 

    General Enrollment for Elementary and Middle School New Student Registration Sessions:

    • New Students moving into the district for the 2019-2020 school year, the New Student Online Enrollment is Currently open.  Please contact the campus registrar to email the proof of residency and maill all other required documents after completing the online registration. The Proof of Residency Documentation must be submitted for all students who register online in order for the student to be enrolled.  Please email the proof of residency documentation to the campus registrar that your student will be attending. 


    • The 2020-2021 New Student Online Enrollment will open on March 23, 2020.  Registration document drop-off days will be June 2, 2020 and on August 4, 2020 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

    High School New Student Registration Appointments:

    • New 2019-2020 high school students, please contact the high school registrar - Libby Weaver at 512-858-3109 or to set up an appoinment with the Counseling Department.  At the appointment, you will need to provide the required documents to complete the registration process.  Parents/students should complete the online registration (Step 1) before meeting with a counselor. 
    • New 2020-2021 High School students, the New Student Online Enrollment will open on March 23, 2020.  Please contact Libby Weaver at 512-858-3109 or to set up an appointment with the Counseling Department during the weeks of June 8-11, 2020, July 28-30, 2020, Aug 3-6, 2020 and other dates as needed.  Parents/students should complete the online registration (Step 1) before meeting with a counselor. 

    Required Documents (Please bring the following items to complete registration):

    • Proof of Residence:
      • Current lease agreement AND a current electric bill OR
      • Settlement statement with signature page/warranty deed AND a current electric bill OR
      • Current tax statement indicating Homestead Exemption
    • Parent/Guardian Photo Identification
    • Birth Certificate (Certified):  Certified birth certificates can be ordered at for $22.  This service, offered in English and Spanish, provides parents with a secure option for ordering their child's birth certificate.  The orders are fulfilled by the Texas Department of State Health Services.
    • Student's Social Security Card
    • Immunization Records (List of Required Immunizations)  (Area Immunization Providers)
    • Previous School's Withdrawal Form
    • Recent Unofficial Transcript or Report Card and Standardized Test results
    • Proof of qualification for the Prekindergarten program if seeking enrollment as a qualifying student. Documentation of qualification may include: 
      • Language proficiency assessment administered by the district; 
      • Pay stubs, tax return statements, verification of enrollment in a state/federal program such as SNAP or Medicaid; 
      • Statement of Residence-homeless classification; 
      • Verification of parental enrollment in the armed forces; 
      • Verification of the child being in conservatorship the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services; 
      • Verification of parental employment as a peace office, firefighter, or emergency medical first responder.

    Step 3: Annual Enrollment Verification

    Parents/guardians will receive communication from the district prior to the beginning of the annual online enrollment verification. Generally, the verification window opens at the end of July.

    For reference, please see the enrollment checklist.

    Additional Information: "Kindergarten Round-up"

    The campuses' onsite Kindergarten Round-up has been changed to a virtual.  Campus administrators will share details with their new registered Kindergarten in the coming weeks.   

    For "Kindergarten Round-Up" event details, please check the website for the elementary campus that your child will be attending.