SSMS Cell Phone/Device Policy

  • ● Only use with permission from the teacher; this includes music, earbuds/headphones.

    If not permitted, phones should be put away.

    Green Light / Red Light Posters:

    In each classroom, “Red Light “means no phones or devices and “Green Light” means phones can be out for school use.


    ● Devices may be accessed inside the cafeteria before school/during lunch and between

    classes in the hallways.

    ● Personal social media may not be accessed while on campus (Snapchat, instagram,

    facebook, etc...).

    ● Pictures or videos may only be taken on campus WITH permission.


    Non-compliance will result in the loss of device and/or disciplinary consequences.

    Natural Consequences:

    ● 1st offense: warning

    ● 2nd offense: device on the teacher's desk til end of the class

    ● 3rd offense: device to administration; student may pick-up at the end of the day

    ● 4th offense: device to administration; parents may pick-up at the end of the day