A major priority of Dripping Springs ISD is the safety of all students and staff. DSISD takes many steps to ensure:
    • All schools and the district have emergency plans.
    • All campuses conduct regular drills for various scenarios, including fire drills and lockdown drills.
    • The district conducts a comprehensive safety assessment every three years and implements recommendations as needed.
    • The district works closely with local emergency response agencies in planning and training.
    • District personnel are trained in emergency response protocols.
    • Campus visitors must show a driver's license to receive a Visitor's Badge and cross-checks a national sex-offender registry. DSISD has an operating procedure about this system.
    • Campus volunteers who will be working in classrooms are required to have a background check.
    • Campus visitors must enter through main doors as all others are locked during the school day.
    • All schools have security cameras positioned around campus; bus video also can be reviewed for disciplinary purposes.

    Dripping Springs ISD uses the Standard Response Protocol system.