Dripping Springs ISD is known for its high standards and quality education. The foundation for this excellence is our strong curriculum, exceptional instructional practices, and opportunities to personalize education in innovative ways. We provide a full continuum of instruction for each student – instruction that is horizontal (consistent across each grade level) as well as vertical (flows from one grade to the next). The result is that each student who graduates from Dripping Springs has received a consistent and thorough education, thus putting them in the best position possible for success in college and beyond.



    The Learning and Innovation Department is a networked team of individuals all serving in a variety of areas. Their purpose is to utilize their individual strengths collectively and collaboratively to share the Dripping Springs ISD vision and mission both locally and globally through a variety of avenues. 


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    The Learning and Innovation (L&I) Department – formerly called "Curriculum and Instruction" – oversees all areas of teaching and learning district-wide. These areas include, but are not limited to: operations, communications, development, whole child/comprehensive approach, instruction, personalized learning, innovation, and technology integration. The Learning and Innovation Team works closely with campus administrators at each school to plan the course for educational opportunities for all students. The L & I Department is also responsible for: state and federal accountability reporting and compliance and coordinating personalized professional development.


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    DSISD hosts 10 Professional Learning days for Instructional Staff throughout the year. Instructional Staff may attend all 10 days throughout the academic school year OR may exchange two of those days for in-district OR out-of-district professional learning opportunity (equivalent to 12-hrs) related to ADDs goals, during summer/off-contract hours. This allows Instructional Staff to personalize their Professional Learning to best meet their professional goals.

    For the 19-20 school year, Professional Learning used for an Exchange Day must include ONE full Canvas training, either online or in-person, and full completion of SafeSchools Compliance training.

    If you have questions about Professional Learning in DSISD, please contact Mandy Turner at 512-858-3081. 

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