Advanced Math

  • In addition to Pre-AP math courses that have been offered to students in Grades 6-8, two other opportunities exist to challenge DSISD middle school students at a high level in math.

    Compacted Math

    Starting in 2017-18, Pre-AP Compacted Math will be offered to sixth-graders. This is a rigorous, fast-paced course that will cover both sixth- and seventh-grade math curriculum in one year. The course is designed to introduce skills, concepts, and assessment methods in order to prepare students for success in advanced math courses and college-level AP courses in high school. Students taking this course will take the seventh-grade STAAR math test in the spring. Students who successfully complete this course will take pre-Algebra in seventh grade and Algebra I in eighth grade, This course in for students interested in accelerating one grade level in math but did not meet the qualifying score on the math placement test. Student scores in the placement test will be used to determine readiness for this course.