DSHS School Songs

  • School Song

    Dear old high school,
    Far-famed high school,
    Thou shalt never fail,
    Round thy name there
    Clings the tendrils
    Of traditions trail.
    Thou art victor
    Fame hath followed
    Clad in dignity.
    May thy name to all be hallowed
    By our love of thee.


    Fight Song

    Oh mellow DSHS, Cross that line
    We’re gonna win this game
    Cause we’re so fine
    And for the dear
    High school we love
    So well
    And for the football boys
    We’ll yell and yell and yell
    We’re gonna fight,
    Fight, fight for every score
    We’ll circle in and then
    We’ll win some more.
    We’re gonna roll those
    (Opponent’s mascot)
    In the
    Cause it’s a must