Jana Galloway

  • Ms.Galloway

    Ms. Galloway is the Director of Bands at Sycamore Springs Middle School.  She conducts the Middle School Symphonic Band, Beginner Band, and assists with all other bands in the DSISD.


    1  6th Grade Trumpet
    2  6th Grade Euphonium and Tuba
    3  Conference, Duty and Lunch
    4  7-8th Grade Wind Ensemble
    5  7-8th Grade Symphonic Band
    6  7-8th Grade Concert Band  
    7  6th Grade Oboe and Bassoon



    All information regarding announcements, coursework and assignments can be found by accessing your student's Google Classroom page for band class or the SSMS Band website. Subscribe to the website’s RSS feed for easy updates.


    Assignments for each 6-weeks will  be listed on Benchmark Sheets that will be sent home with the students at the beginning of each 6-weeks for a parent signature. Please be sure to read the back of the benchmark sheet for important announcements and dates.


    See the band website for more information on this communication tool. Celly, a free text messaging system, will help make sure students and parents receive announcements and information quickly and easily.


    Please keep email and phone records current with DSISD.


    Please see the SSMS Band Handbook for info on class requirements. Parents and students can access assignments for Ms. Galloway’s classes by visiting the Tiger Band website and consulting Benchmark Sheets passed out at the beginning of each 6-weeks. Also, be sure to check email and following the DSMS Band calendar of events.


    The Dripping Springs Middle School Band is an active and very prestigious organization, which has set very high standards of excellence.  These can only be maintained when each member resolves to do his or her best to constantly improve.

    1. Participation in band provides a richly rewarding activity in terms of fellowship, healthful recreation, and personal gratification.
    2. Although band requires time for individual practice, students do have plenty of time to enjoy a wide variety of other co-curricular activities and are able to maintain excellent scholastic averages.
    3. Since many students choose to be in band in conjunction with athletics and other extra-curricular activities, schedules are carefully planned so that there are only minimal conflicts. There are no restrictions in choosing to do both, and any conflicts that do arise will be worked out on an individual basis.
    4. Members of the band organization are proud to be a part of a superior program. The band hopes to make the student body, faculty, and administration of Dripping Springs Middle School equally proud of the program. It is with this spirit that another exciting school year begins.