Millie Hogg


    1st/5th Period -  9:00  - 10:29 AM  Conference
    Advisory -          10:33 - 11:06 AM  6th Grade 
    2nd Period-        11:10 - 11:55 AM  6th Grade Girl's Athletic Development  
    3rd Period -        1:13 -   2:42PM     6th Grade PE/FA PE 
    4th/8th Period -  2:46 -   4:15PM     7th and 8th Grade Athletics  
    6th Period -        11:10 - 11:55AM   6th Grade PE  
    7th Period -        1:13 -   2:24PM     6th Grade Girl's Athletic Development  




    Conference time: 9:00 - 10:29 AM


    Graduated from Stephen F. Austin. Married with two children.  Have coached for Conroe I.S.D., Willis I.S.D.,  Marble Falls I.S.D., and now Dripping Springs I.S.D. Love Dripping Springs! LOOKING FORWARD TO ANOTHER GREAT YEAR.

    Course Information


    6th Grade PE:
    6th grade PE 1st semester, and final exam grade.

    1st Semester: Students will develop a spread sheet to record their Pacer laps for each time they run the pacer. Student's 1st semester exam grade will be the spread sheet with their pacer runs, their motivation level and their goal they want to obtain by the end of the year. This will be turned in as a hard copy to their PE teacher.
    Final Exam: Students final exam grade will be the continuation of the first semester exam spread sheet. The final exam grade will be their spread sheet that should have all information from 1st semester, and adding their final pacer run with the motivation level and analysis of reaching their goal.  This will be turned in as a hard copy to their PE teacher.







    Welcome to the DSMS physical education program. There will be a concentration on the skills of sports, health awareness as well as innovative games this school year. We wish to communicate with parents as much as possible through phone calls and e-mail so that your child will have a successful and fun year in physical education.




    Name:          Millie Hogg  

    Phone:          858-3447



    Conference:  9:55 – 10:46 AM



    This class will include the components of physical fitness as well as units pertaining to different sports and activities.  The physical fitness components incorporated into our lessons will include muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and cardio respiratory endurance. All units in the curriculum will include information about the history, values, rules, strategies, terminology, and field or court dimensions for various sports and activities.  New to the curriculum will be short units of the health TEKS that will be incorporated through discussion, videos and handouts.


    The school district is required to administer the FITNESSGRAM physical fitness assessment one time each year.



    30%  - FORMATIVE

    • Effort

    70% - SUMMATIVE

    • Health/ Rules assessment
    • Achievement assessment
    • Fitness assessment



    Lock – Students must provide their own lock for their school possessions to be locked up while in their P.E. class.  They will be assigned a locker in the locker room to leave PE clothes in after their gym class is released.

    Digital Citizenship: Students are encouraged to use electronic devices in class at Coaches’ discretion. It is understood that technology and social media can and will be a distraction.  It is extremely important that each of us do our best to remain respectful as learners and digital citizens. There will be consequences if the technology disrupts the learning environment, either your own personal learning environment or the learning environment of those around you.  Under no circumstances should the following occur in class: 

    • Headphones use during large class discussion, small group discussion, or assessments.
    • Pictures taken of any assessment. This will result in a zero on the assessment and will have disciplinary consequences. 
    • Pictures taken or images recorded of other students or teachers without their consent.
    • No phones or devices are to be out in the locker rooms. Students must lock them in their locker.


    P. E Clothes - Students are required to dress out in a maroon t-shirt and shorts that adhere to the school’s dress code.  Recommended shorts are to be black athletic shorts, or dark in color.  A t-shirt can be purchased from the P.E. department for $9.00. A T-shirt from home must be maroon with short sleeves (not sleeveless) with the student’s name and class period written in permanent ink on the front visible to the teacher.



    Students are required to dress out every P E class period in their maroon shirt, black shorts and tennis shoes. Tennis shoes must be worn for safety reasons. Students who are not dressed out will not be able to successfully reach their full level of achievement and effort for that day. However, students will still be required to participate as much a possible. Dressing out and participating in the activity is the key to your child’s summative and formative PE grade