Parent Involvement Opportunities

  • Keep an eye on this list as opportunities will be added over time.

    Community Advisory Council 

    This is a committee including parents, teachers, business representatives, community leaders, the principal, and other campus staff. The campus advisory council reviews and comments on: campus educational program, campus performance, campus improvement plan, campus professional development plan, and campus budget. The Sycamore Springs Middle School CAC will meet monthly through the school year. CAC Meeting Dates 


     SSMS Tiger Dads

    Dads – your help is needed!  Were you involved with SSES Tiger Dads?  Did you serve with RSES Watch DOGS?  Do you want to help out on campus but don’t know how?  SSMS needs you, your eyes and your ears and our kids need your presence.  It’s important to take the time to SEE and to BE SEEN on campus.  Many dads have shown interest in getting involved at Sycamore Springs Middle School but aren’t sure just how to do so…SSMS Tiger Dads is the answer! 

     Tiger Dads are important positive male role models who volunteer and provide assistance during the school day to enhance our campus and inspire students.  Tiger Dads are fathers, grandfathers, uncles, or other father figures and are invited to collaborate, build, empower, create, teach, learn, and have fun with our students.  Several opportunities and events on campus provide ideal ways to get involved, participate and positively contribute. 

     Volunteering is easy - Make your own schedule…any time, any day!