Dress Code

  • DSISD Secondary Dress Code (DSHS, DSMS, SSMS)

    The district’s dress code was established to prevent disruption and avoid safety hazards. A student’s dress and grooming are the responsibility of the student and his/her parents. A student must dress in such a way that neither interferes with nor disrupts the learning and educational program.

    Campus administrators have the final authority concerning student dress on school property, at school activities, or any time a student is representing the campus/district. Any student who fails to dress accordingly or who in the judgment of the appropriate administrator fails to comply with the requirements of neatness, cleanliness, safety, and decency will be addressed accordingly.

    Student dress standards:

    • Clothing must be appropriate and not be revealing.
    • The student’s back, chest, and stomach must be covered.

    Students may not wear:

    • Tops that are strapless, plunging or low-cut
    • Sheer or see-through clothing
    • Visible underwear
    • Pajamas/sleepwear of any kind