• Dripping Springs Middle School counselors are:

    Danielle Badilla, Counselor; 6th, 7th and 8th grade Last Name A-K

    Alyssa Sheeran, Counselor; 6th,7th and 8th grade Grade Last Name L-Z

    Vickey Cruz, Secretary

    DSMS Counseling Department Phone:


    Belief Statement:

    The counselors of DSMS believe that every student be supported and encouraged toward the accomplishment of his/her goals. We believe that every student has the capacity to benefit from the education process when we provide positive support systems that teach students to believe in themselves and to set goals that they can accomplish. We believe that every student has the capacity to grow both personally and intellectually in an environment that sets high expectations and provides support and encouragement. DSMS counselors are professionals who provide quality programs and services to maximize student potential.


    To provide high quality, research based support to a diverse student body. The counselors of DSMS will implement a Comprehensive Developmental Guidance program that:

    • Supports and encourages student success.
    • Supports and encourages social and emotional development.
    • Coordinates the efforts of teachers, parents, school staff, community and business partners in supporting student success and development.
    • Assists students in the development of both academic and personal plans and goals.
    • Facilitates student transition through individual developmental stages.
    • Coordinates and implements a variety of guidance activities designed to meet the developmental needs of middle school students and to address the specific concerns of the school and community.
    • Assist the school in the implementation of a crisis response plan.
    • Reviews appropriate data and improves the services provided annually.


    Our mission in the DSMS Counseling Office is to provide a comprehensive counseling program to support and encourage the individual development of every student. The services we provide are designed to assist students in setting high personal and academic goals and to work with parents and teachers to provide the support and encouragement needed to accomplish these goals.