• Leadership Roles

    **Jobs are Term Long positions**

    Art Assistant

    Breakfast Brigade

    CLI Leader

    Computer Lab Tech

    Film Crew

    Friday Assembly Pledge Leader

    Greeter Leader

    Lost and Found Lead

    Music Assistant

    Office Assistant

    PE Assistant

    Reader Leader

    Safety Patrol

    Art Assistant - Do you like art? Do you want to assist Miss McFee in organizing, cleaning up and packing up the Art Studio? Come join Miss McFee wrap up the Art Studio (Afternoon school day positions available)


    Breakfast Brigade - Our young breakfast guests need your help! If you are an early bird or morning bus rider and like helping others, look no further! Come help in the Dining Hall during breakfast by carrying trays, opening lids, pouring, and modeling leadership to our younger students. (Before school positions available)


    CLI Leader - If you like to organize, check in/out books, deliver carts to classrooms, re-shelve books, and help other students in the CL&I, then this is the job for you! (Before school and school day positions available)


    Computer Lab Tech - Are you good with technology and computers? We need your help with starting and shutting down computers in the mornings and afternoons. You will also help to keep the computer labs and COW (Computers On Wheels) Carts in tip-top shape. (Before and during school positions available.)


    Film Crew - Are you interested in being behind the camera? Film and direct Cool Cat News Team.... LIVE! Come help with the morning announcements and produce CCNT. .Live! This job must be available at 7:35 Monday through Thursday and at other times throughout the year. (Auditions for newscasters will be held)


    Friday Assembly Pledge Leader - Love being patriotic? Share your patriotism with the school during Friday’s Assembly! Lead our school in our pledges and helping to inspire our student body to share in their patriotism.


    Greeter Leader - Do you like to smile and meet new people? Do you get to school early? Greeter Leaders welcome students to the school every morning and help younger students get to class if they need help. (Before school positions available)


    Lost & Found Organizer - If you like to organize then this is the job for you! You will be in charge of hanging and dating items (Jackets, backpacks, lunch bags, etc.) Items not claimed within a month will be placed in the charity bins located in the foyer. You will also look for students’ names on items and return them to their owners. (Before school, school day, and after school positions available)


    Music Assistant - Do you like music? Do you want to assist Miss Ryburn in cleaning up the Music Room and preparing for the next day? Come join Miss Ryburn in the Music Room. (Afternoon school day positions available)


    Office Operator - If you like organizing, the office staff needs your help! You will assist with filing, stapling, making deliveries, delivering transportation, and sorting mail into teachers’ boxes as well as any other office errands requested. (Before school and school day positions available)


    PE Assistant - Coach needs some help setting up and cleaning up the gym before and after school. If you are organized, punctual, and responsible, please sign up to help coach get her day ready or shut down for the afternoon. (Morning and Afternoon times available).


    Reader Leaders - Do you like to read? Would you like to share your love of reading with others? OR Did you struggle learning to read and want to help others who might be going through the same thing? Reader Leaders will help tutor younger students in reading OR be a reading buddy for a younger student. (School day positions available)

    Safety Patrol - Are you all about safety first? Do you like helping others? Come help students get out of their cars in the morning and into their cars in the afternoon. (Before and after school positions available)

  • Leadership Teams

    **Please see descriptions for Term limits**

    Chess Team

    Community of Caring Team

    Cross Stitch Team

    Crochet & Scrapbooking Team

    Drama/Theater Team

    DSE Choir

    Green Team (Recycle/Garden/Compost)

    Mileage Team

    Paparazzi Team

    Podcast Team

    Science Fair Scientists

    STEAM Team

    Writing Leaders/Poetry team

    Yoga Team


    Chess Team - The Chess Team is for students who love to learn new techniques and strategies to excel at chess.  Year long team- meets monthly.


    Community of Caring Team - Are you a role model? Do you have a heart for service? Help keep the flags flying, organize food drives, coat drives, and give campus shout-outs. Year long team- meets monthly.


    Cross Stitch Team - Have you ever cross-stitched something? It’s like sewing, but without a machine! Check out this super-crafty team to keep those fingers busy! Year Long Team that will meet weekly.


    Crochet & Scrapbooking Team - Are you a crafter? Want to learn or perfect your crochet skills? How about documenting memories in a scrapbook? Put your crafty skills to work in this fun crafting team!


    Drama and Theater - Love singing, Acting this team is for you! Join other aspiring singers and actors to share your love of fine arts! This team will begin in the SPRING Semester.


    DSE Choir - Love singing in the car?! Here’s your chance to shine in our very first DSE Choir! These students will be invited to perform at special events and during campus activities.


    Garden, Landscape, and Outdoor Composting - Join us in beautifying our campus and growing fresh food for our students and staff. This club will maintain and improve campus landscape as well as attempt to establish a school garden.  Spring Semester, Meeting Tuesdays after School


    Mileage Team - Coach Doherty is looking for highly organized, punctual, and responsible leaders to help out with setting up mileage team on the Mileage Team Mornings. Help encourage our school to get out and run! Semester Long Team


    Paparazzi Team - Watch out DSE Celebrity students and teachers… you might get “snapped” by the picture-loving paparazzi! On this team you will take pictures of all the cool happenings at school. Help us document all the great things that happen on campus! Year long team. Meetings will be monthly as determined by Sponsor.


    Podcast Team - Do you know what a podcast is? This team will create school-wide podcast to share with the district highlighting all the great things that are happening on our campus! It’s almost like a radio dj, reporting the news! Year long team. Meetings will twice a month and will be determined by Sponsor.


    Science Fair Scientists - FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADE ONLY. Do you love experiments? Are you a master at the scientific process? If you love the science fair this group is for you!  Year Long Meets after school once a week through February.


    Service Learning Team - Like the idea of helping others? Want to make a difference? Here’s a team for you! This team will get together and decide what projects they can do to help the lives of others!


    STEAM Team - Do you like to build?  Are you a problem solver?  Come help us use Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math to solve problems and invent new things!


    Writing Leaders/Poetry Team - Are you a writer? Love songs, poems, and meaningful expression through your words? Join the poetry team to read, write, and perform your favorite poems! -meets monthly


    Yoga Stretch - Need to focus your energy and learn how the professionals do it? Join the Yoga team and you can become a zen master in no time!