Campus Advisory Council

  • Each DSISD campus has a Campus Advisory Committee that is charged with advising the campus principal on campus planning, operations, supervision, and evaluation of the campus programs. These committees are composed of campus-based professional staff, district-level professional staff, parents, business representatives, and community representatives. CAC representatives are selected annually and are limited to no more than two consecutive terms on the committee.
    Council Members
    Cody Spraberry - Principal
    Kristi Brown - Assistant Principal
    Carla Bailey - Instructional Coach
    Jenny Sprague - Facilitator of Learning and Innovation
    Abbey Smart - Counselor
    Casey Baker - Counselor
    Ashleigh Lowe - PreK Teacher
    Jessica Bruce - Kindergarten Teacher
    Meredith Gomez - 1st Grade Teacher
    Amber Kirk - 2nd Grade Teacher
    Eliza Wright - 3rd Grade Teacher
    Jenna Douglass - 4th Grade Teacher
    Brittany Bise - 5th Grade Teacher
    Bonnie Wampler - Essential Areas
    Raschel Wagstaff - Special Education
    Mandy Turner - District Representative/Parent
    Danielle Edwards - Parent
    Brianna Leake - Business Owner/Parent
    Evelyn Robinson - Parent/PTA President  
    Adrian Salinas - Parent
    Christopher Schultz - Community Representative/Parent
    Colleen Wu - Parent
    *If you are interested in serving on the CAC team, please contact Amy Banker ( 
    Meetings will be held on campus at 4:00-4:30 p.m.