Rooster Springs Elementary Nurse's Clinic

  • Abby Blythe, R.N.

    1001 Belterra Drive ◆ Austin, Texas 78737

    Phone (512) 465-6207 ◆ Fax (512) 465-6299

  • Clinic Hours 7:00 am - 3:30 pm

    The Rooster Springs Nurse clinics are directed by Mrs. LaDonna Skrobarzcyk, R.N., and Mrs. Abby Blythe, R.N.. 
    Nurse LaDonna is a graduate of the Brackenridge School of Nursing in Austin, Texas. Nurse Abby is a graduate of the Oklahoma City Community College School of Nursing. 
    Our Mission
    To educate students to be healthy, practice safety, and keep parents informed. 
    Helpful Information & Forms
    District Fever Policy and "Good Health" Reminders
    Students attending Texas public schools must be in compliance with state immunization laws in order to
    start school on Tuesday, August 18th. School vaccination rules are in effect regardless of whether the
    education is received via virtual learning or on campus. Non-compliance will result in students’
    withdrawal from Dripping Springs ISD until compliance is met. A 30-day provisional enrollment is
    allowed for students who:
    • have an immunization record that indicates the student has received at least one dose of each
    specified age-appropriate vaccine required ;
    • are homeless as defined by §103 of the McKinney Act, 42 USC §11302;
    • are in foster care as defined by §1355.20(s);
    • transfer from one Texas school to another and is awaiting the transfer of the immunization
    record; or
    • are dependents of a person who is on active duty with the armed forces of the United States.
    The immunization rules may be found in the Texas Administrative Code. Additional information may be
    found on the Texas Department of Health Services website. COVID-19 school updates concerning
    immunizations can also be found on the Texas Department of Health Services website.