• Each District campus has a Campus Advisory Committee that is charged with advising the campus principal on campus planning, operations, supervision, and evaluation of the campus programs.  These committees are composed of campus-based professional staff, District-level professional staff, parents, business representatives, and community representatives.  CAC representatives are elected annually and are limited to no more than two consecutive terms on the committee.

    Council Members:

    Pre-K Grade Rep ~ Ashey Sikes

    Kindergarten Rep ~ Lauren Meeks

    1st Grade Rep ~ Diana Ballinger

    2nd Grade Rep ~ Jay Simmons

    3rd Grade Rep ~ Krystal Ware

    4th Grade Rep ~ Megan Savarino

    5th Grade Rep ~ Britney Hamilton

    Special Area Rep ~ Marie Rogers

    Sped Rep ~ Kelly Dewitt

    Administrative Reps ~ Jamie Eubanks & Yvonne Boullosa

    Instructional Coach ~ Vanessa Holmes

    Parent/Community Rep ~ Jenifer Buaas

    Business Rep ~ Marna Pritchett

    PTA/Community Rep ~ Kayla Wright