Community Service

  • Seniors MUST turn in all community service logs to Mrs. Van Every in the counseling office by Wednesday May 1, 2019 in order for the hours to go towards the Principals Volunteer Award.    Hours turned in after this date will not receive the award.  

    Students are encouraged to become involved in their community to help develop their social skills, gain valuable work experience, and contribute to the betterment of their community. Community service hours are also considered for acceptance into many colleges and universities in Texas and throughout the nation.

    Dripping Springs High School offers The Principal's Volunteer Service Award to any senior who has completed the required number of community service hours. Download community service information form.  
    If you have volunteer opportunities that you would like posted on this page, please contact Kim Van Every in the counseling office. 
    Pound House Pioneer Day -  May 11, 2019 

    The DSMS Athletic Booster Club needs your help. They are in need of volunteers to work the concessions stand for girls basketball games. Click here to sign up. 

    Dripping Springs Hometown Mission is in the process of providing a new home to a family in need. Please click on the link if you would like to help.   

    Pound House Farmstead is looking for volunteers who would be willing to man their store.  Looking for students 16 years or older that would like to “intern” or volunteer on the weekends.  They will learn the ropes before being in the store.  If you are interested please contact :  Andrea Larsen at 512-917-1411 or


    Elderly Resident at Ledgestone Assisted Living Center has gone blind, and her favorite past time has always been reading.  Looking for a student(s) that would be willing to come and read the newspaper to her a few days a week. This is a wonderful opportunity to serve and would make her quality of life a little better.  There may be other residents who would enjoy this as well!  If you are interested please contact Barbara Kimmell at 512-970-5705 or 

    Hills of Milk and Honey is an educational farm that is dedicated to connecting the local community and preserving food security in Central Texas. The mission is to grow farmers for the future, and provide tactile outdoor learning opportunities to children and their families.Volunteer Opportunities are available at  Hills of Milk and Honey Farm. 
    Dripping Springs Farmers Market is looking for high school volunteers to help conduct surveys of the Market shoppers on the last 4 Wednesdays in October. The Survey Collectors will be given all the material needed to do the job.  Need 2 volunteers from 3-6pm for each of the 4 Wednesdays. Click here to sign up.  
    The Pound House is looking for volunteers to help with the Twilight & Starlight event on Saturday, October 6, from 5-10:30pm.  We’d love to have volunteers stay for the enter shift, but can work with part time hours if necessary.  Volunteers will be assisting with parking and in the event party with water service, appetizer tables and trash maintenance throughout the event.  Service Hour Certificates and pizza will be provided for all volunteers. Please click here to sign up. 
     Run by the Creek -Volunteers are needed for this annual event to be held on Nov. 11.  Please click here to sign up. 

    Pound House - The Pound House is once again needing student volunteers to help us out at Pioneer Day on Saturday, September 22, 2018. This is a great opportunity to give back to the community while earning service hours.  Check out the flyer and click on the link to choose your time slot and activity. Any questions please contact


    DSYSA Volleyball 
    Special Olympic Bowling -  Fall 2018 - Interested parties please click on approriate age for information.   Under 18   Over 18 
    Just Serve matches churches, civic organizations, non-profits, and government agencies that need volunteers with volunteers willing to help. Click for Help with Hurricane Harvey .