Advisory Committees

    • Community involvement is critical to the success of Dripping Springs ISD and is represented as the foundation of the 2016-21 strategic plan. The plan's base is the "Village," which reflects the fact that our schools are the center of the community. The Village represents community partnerships, as well as communication and connections between campuses. 
    • Opportunities exist for community advisory committees that strengthen ties between the school and the community and enhance the core educational process. Committees provide input to the district on a variety of subjects, including district and campus planning, gifted and talented programs, special services, student health initiatives, and long-range facility planning. 
    • Individuals interested in being considered for committee membership should submit the application form available here (Committee Appointment Application). To promote as much diversity as possible with district involvement, individual participation is limited to one committee per year.



    • District Advisory Council
    • School Health Advisory Council
    • Campus Advisory Councils
    • GT Advisory Committee
    • Special Services Parent Advisory Committee
    • Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee
    • Bond Advisory Committee (current committee was appointed in April 2020)



    • We appreciate our stakeholders who have expressed interest in being involved in the collaborative efforts to ensure each student in Dripping Springs ISD receives a personal and exceptional educational experience.
    • Applications received prior to the annually established deadline will be administratively reviewed and evaluated based on the following criteria.
      • Relevant areas of expertise and credentials;
      • Equitable campus and demographic representation;
      • Prior or current membership on district-level or campus-level committees;
      • Prior or current membership on community committees;
      • Individual interest and rationale for applying to serve on the specified committee.

    Committees requiring board appointment or administrative approval will be established based on the recommendations of the administrative committee review panel in accordance with local and state guidelines for committee formation and membership.

    • Individuals selected through the appointment process will be contacted by the designated District Coordinator for each committee.