2023-24 Student Parking

  • Purchasing a parking permit for the 2023-24 school year is an easy 2-step process:

    1. Purchase online
    2. Complete this Google form

    DSHS Map of Parking Lots

    Permits will be delivered to students during the first week of school, or within two days if purchased throughout the school year. All students will be required to park in a student parking lot starting the first day of school. Tickets will be issued for students parking in any other area or reserved space.

    Fines for Dripping Springs High School parking tickets are tiered as listed below.

    • The first two (2) tickets are $10 each
    • The third and fourth (3rd & 4th) tickets are $25 each
    • Tickets are $50 each for the fifth (5th) and beyond

    For a complete list of parking rules, see the Student Handbook.

    Q: I received my parking permit sticker. What do I do with it?
    A: All motorized vehicles in the DSHS parking lot must have a valid parking permit. The permit must be attached above the state inspection sticker on the windshield on the driver’s side or in a visible place on motorcycles. 

    Q: I regularly drive two vehicles. Do I have to pay for two permits?
    A: You may purchase an additional parking permit for a second vehicle you drive for $10.00.  Only one vehicle may be parked on campus at a time.  Please complete the following steps for a second permit:

    1.  Complete this Google form.

    2. Purchase the permit online. For your last name, list it as “Last Name-extra permit”.  (example: “Smith - extra permit”)

    Q: I need to drive a different vehicle for just a few days while my car is in the shop. What should I do?
    A: Please obtain a free temporary permit from the Front Office for the Assistant Principal's Office.  You will hang this permit from your rearview mirror and will still need to park in a student parking lot.  

    Q: I’m running late or I had to leave school during the day for an appointment. May I park in the visitor lot?
    A: No, all students must park in a student parking lot.  Students parked in the visitor or staff parking lots will be issued a parking violation.  

    Q: I sprained my ankle, can I park in a handicap parking space?
    A: If your doctor issued you a handicap parking permit, you may display the permit on your rearview mirror and park in a handicap parking space anywhere on campus. If you do not have a handicap parking permit, it is illegal for you to park in a handicap parking space or the striped lines next to a handicap parking space. Handicap parking permits can only be issued by your doctor.  

    Q: May I eat my lunch in my car?
    A: No, students may not be in the parking lot or their vehicles during the school day.

    Q: May I leave campus during lunch?
    A: Only seniors may leave campus during lunch.

    Q: I don’t receive my driver’s license until later in the school year. Can I still purchase a permit? Will it be prorated?
    A: Yes, we issue parking permits all throughout the school year. Parking permits will be issued at a cost of $60 per school year. New drivers’ purchasing permits after January 1st are $30.

    Q: I have other questions about student parking. Who do I contact?
    A: Please contact Rebecca Fahey at rebecca.fahey@dsisdtx.us or 512-858-3114.