The purpose of this procedure is to monitor that our students are released appropriately and safely. Thank you for your cooperation!

    Children may be picked up at the east end of campus (kindergarten pod), which is called “The Tiger Lair”. If you would like to walk up to collect your child, you will indicate Tiger Lair with your homeroom teacher. You will wait for your child outside the door (labeled as door 3). A staff member will be there to greet you. School personnel will take your name/identification and call for your child who is waiting in the Tiger Lair. Your child will come to meet you. Please use the crosswalk when arriving/departing the Tiger Lair. It is essential and imperative that parents bring their IDs.

    **It is important that you wait near the Tiger Lair. For the safety and security of all students, we respectfully expect everyone to follow these procedures when picking up their child after school. Parents will not need to enter the building to receive their child.