Transfer FAQs

  • Q. Is transportation provided for transfer students?
    A. No. Transportation is not provided for any inter-district or intra-district transfer student. Parents are responsible for making transportation arrangements for their children.

    Q. Is there a transfer fee or tuition for transferring into the Dripping Springs school district?
    A. A transfer application fee of $35 per child will be required for all out-of district transfers (except for students of district employees).  Dripping Springs ISD does not currently charge tuition for students to transfer into our District except for Tuition-Based Pre-Kindergarten.

    Q. We live in the Dripping Springs ISD school district boundaries. My child is currently attending a private school. We will be transferring back to Dripping Springs ISD starting next fall. Would my child be considered a transfer and do I need to fill out transfer paperwork?
    A. If you live in the Dripping Springs ISD school district boundaries you would not need to fill out transfer paperwork in order to enroll your child. The transfer application process is intended for situations when a child lives in one attendance zone or District but wants to attend another zone or District. Your child would not be considered a “transfer” using that description. You would complete the regular student enrollment forms since you live in the District. You can contact the campus front office to get next year’s enrollment forms when those become available, or they are on the DSISD website at

    Q. We live in Dripping Springs ISD boundaries and our child currently attends a Dripping Springs ISD campus. We are moving out of the District, can our child still attend school in Dripping Springs?
    A. Legally, the day you move out of the District, you must complete a transfer application and be reviewed for continuing at Dripping Springs ISD as a transfer. Our goal will be to try to continue a student’s current school year at Dripping Springs ISD if a family relocates in the middle of the year.

    Q. We own land within the boundaries of Dripping Springs ISD and pay school taxes to Dripping Springs ISD. Can our children attend Dripping Springs ISD schools next year on the basis of our property?
    A. The requirement for attending a Texas public school is the child’s residence and that is defined as where they “lay their head at night”. So your property would not qualify your children as Dripping Springs ISD residents.

    Q. We are in the process of purchasing a house in Dripping Springs ISD.  Can we go ahead and enroll our child in Dripping Springs ISD before we move in?
    A. To enroll your child now you must have a signed and executed contract for your new home and your move-in date must be within 120 days. A copy of a portion of the contract, showing a move-in date, address, and signatures must be attached to the application. Until you have a signed contract you can not apply for transfer using the “building/buying” reason.

    Q. We are considering purchasing a house and we are not sure if it is in the Dripping Springs ISD
    boundaries. How can we check?
    A. The best resource for determining what school district an address resides in is the Hays County Central Appraisal District. The link is below: The prior tax statement will identify the school district taxing authority. That determines the school district in which the house is located.

    Q. Where do I turn in the completed transfer application?
    A. You can deliver the application to Sheila Lamb at the DSISD Central Office at 510 W. Mercer St; mail to Sheila Lamb, DSISD Central Office, PO Box 479, Dripping Springs, TX 78620; or submit via email to

    Q. How will we be notified of our acceptance or denial?
    A. Applicants will be notified by e-mail.

    Q. Once we are accepted are we guaranteed a spot every year?
    A. Transfer acceptances are on an annual basis. Transfer students must reapply each year.

    Q. Who must pay the transfer application fee?
    A. All non-employee out-of-District transfer applications require the $35 non-refundable transfer application fee to be paid.

    Q. How much is the transfer application fee?
    A. The annual transfer application fee is $35 per child, up to 3 children. For three or more children the fee is capped at $105.

    Q. Is the transfer application fee a one-time fee?
    A. The transfer application fee is an annual fee. Each year you turn in a transfer application for a new school year, there will be a transfer application fee.

    Q. What if our transfer application does not get approved, do we get our application fee back?
    A. The transfer application fee is non-refundable. Even if the application is not approved, the fee is non-refundable.

    Q. Does Dripping Springs ISD charge tuition? Will the $35 application fee be applied to our tuition?
    A. The non-refundable transfer application fee is not a tuition fee. Dripping Springs ISD does not charge tuition for transfers except for Tuition-Based Pre-Kindergarten. The transfer application fee is not applied to the Pre-Kindergarten tuition.

    Q. Will you process the transfer application before the transfer application fee is paid?
    A. No. The transfer application fee must be paid in full before the transfer application is accepted.

    Q. What if we are transfer students for only a portion of the year? Is our application fee pro-rated based on the amount of the school year we are transfers?
    A. No. The annual transfer application fee is $35 per student, regardless of the amount of time the student will be a transfer.

    Q. What forms of payment are accepted for the transfer application fee?
    A. Dripping Springs ISD will accept online credit card payments (with no processing fee), money orders, cash, and checks.

    Q. Where and how do we pay our transfer application fee?
    A. Online payments may be made through the Dripping Springs ISD Online Payment system. Please check the District Student Transfers website for specific instructions. Money orders, cash and checks may be brought to the Central Administration Offices along with the completed transfer application.  Checks returned due to insufficient funds (NSF) will delay the transfer student’s application process and may possibly result in denial of the transfer.

    Q. How do I show that I have paid the application fee when I turn in the application?
    A. The Dripping Springs ISD online payment system will e-mail you a copy of your payment receipt. Please include a copy of the receipt with the transfer application. If you are paying your application fee by check, cash, or money order in person at the Central Administrative Office a receipt will be provided to you then. If you are mailing your application fee and transfer application a receipt can be e-mailed to you, if requested.