Substitute Teaching

  • Substitute teachers, aides, and nurses play a vital role in ensuring that students’ daily routines, learning, and progress continue forward in a positive and effective manner while the teacher of record, instructional aide, or nurse is unavailable.  Dripping Springs ISD values your interest in making this important contribution to the education of our students!

    The district regularly adds new substitute teachers throughout the school year, after applicants complete a required substitute training course. Visit the Substitute Application Information page to see if applications are currently being accepted, and check DSISD's online application system for the latest postings.

    When vacancies occur in the substitute teaching pool, a new substitute position will be posted, and applications will be reviewed by Human Resources to determine those best qualified to meet the needs of the District. The screening criteria may include teacher and aide certifications, previous experience, and ability to work on a consistent, responsive basis. 

    Selected applicants will be informed by e-mail, approximately two weeks prior to the required substitute training course, and must complete a criminal history background check at their own expense. Additional paperwork will be delivered via the notification process and will need to be completed prior to the training course.

    Substitute Handbook
    Substitute Handbook Receipt

    Substitute Pay Rate
    Teachers, Nurses, and Instructional Aides:
    Certifed/Licensed: $100.00 a day for the first ten days
                                    $110.00 a day after ten days for the same teacher*

    Non-Certified/Licensed: $90.00 a day for the first ten days
                                         $100.00 a day after ten days for the same teacher*

    * Teacher, nurse, and aide substitutes will receive back pay at the long-term rate after working ten consecutive days in the same long-term assignment, and continue at the long-term rate throughout the remainder of that assignment.

    Clerical/Technical Substitute: $12.00 per hour

    Please Note: Although the district reasonably expects substitutes to work at least 10 hours per week, the district does not guarantee that substitutes will receive 10 hours every week. The district’s need for substitutes varies from week to week. In some weeks, substitutes may not receive any assignments. Similarly, the district understands that some weeks individuals who are substitutes may not be able to accept assignments due to illness or other personal reasons.