Facility Planning

  • Long-Range Facility Planning Committee

    Because Dripping Springs is experiencing a steady growth rate of approximately 6 percent, planning for future facilities is on ongoing priority. The district's Long-Range Facility Planning Committee is convened every few years to evaluate current district facilities, consider future needs, and develop recommendations for future facilities. The LRFPC is comprised of community members, parents, faculty, and district/school administrators.

    Prior to the last bond program (2014), the group studied enrollment trends, evaluated the status and capacity of current facilities, compiled a list of facility needs, and prioritized projects on the list. Results from that work was turned over the the Bond Steering Committee, which made a recommendation to the DSISD Board of Trustees for a bond referendum that passed in May of 2014.

    The LRFPC is expected to reconvene in 2017 to again evaluate the status of current facilities and identify potential new facilities or improvements to current facilities. Those interested in serving on the committee, should fill out an online form.   
    Bond Programs

    In May of 2014, voters in Dripping Springs ISD approved a $93,410,000 bond referendum. For information on the approved bond, as well as planning and construction updates, see www.dsisdbond.net.

    The bond program included:
    • new elementary school
    • new middle school
    • multi-purpose stadium (DSHS)
    • HVAC system and roof replacements at some schools
    • baseball/softball complex (DSHS)
    • district-wide technology renovations (including Network Operations Center) and other infrastructure improvements
    • expansion of high school field house/locker room facilities
    • public access road connecting DSHS to Highway 290 (accessing stadium)

    As of June 1, 2017, a majority of all bond projects are complete. The two new schools, Sycamore Springs Elementary and Sycamore Springs Middle School, are under construction but will be open for the 2017-18 school year. The public access road has not yet been started.

    District-Owned Properties
    Dripping Springs ISD owns two other pieces of property that have not yet been developed:
    • 150 acres at the intersection of Sawyer Ranch Road and Darden Hill Road (on the south side of Darden Hill Road)
    • 25 acres northwest of the intersection of RR12 and Mt. Gainor Road
    These properties have been surveyed to determine what factors will need to be considered in future school construction decisions.